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Line number0553
Type256 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S341119
23/04/1993EC-420roll out.
18/05/1993EC-420first flight.
07/06/1993EC-420del Iberia; named "Sierra de Guadarrama".
15/11/1993EC-FTRIberia; re-rgd.
00/00/2006EC-FTRopb Audelli for Iberia.
17/07/2006EC-FTRferried Madrid-Jacksonville/VQQ as ADI001P; for conversion to freighter.
30/11/2006EC-FTRperformed test flight at Jacksonville/VQQ after conversion to freighter.
06/12/2006EC-FTRat Madrid in all white c/s with "Cygnus Air" titles.
00/05/2007EC-FTRcompany renamed Gestair Cargo.
14/02/2008EC-FTRat Tenerife in all white c/s with "Gestair Cargo" titles (applied after 22/12/2007).
01/09/2009EC-FTRsub-lt TNT Airways; in service: Madrid-Liege.
14/04/2011EC-FTRat Madrid in full Gestair Cargo c/s.
22/06/2013EC-FTRat Tenerife in full Cygnus Air c/s (repainted after 12/06/2013).
00/07/2013EC-FTRGestair Cargo sold to privately owned company and renamed Cygnus Air.
04/05/2020EC-FTRferried Madrid/MAD-Barcelona/BCN as RGN770P; sub-lt European Air Transport Leipzig; in service: Barcelona/BCN-Leipzig/LEJ as BCS8531.
Marcel van Noordenne

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