OE-IOHASL Airlines Ireland
Line number0555
Type2Y0 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S?
03/05/1993N1786Broll out.
28/05/1993N1786Bfirst flight.
03/09/1993N1786Bat Renton in all white c/s with "GUI" titles; stored.
00/03/1994N3519MBoeing; re-rgd.
30/03/1994EI-CJXrgd to Domacken Ltd.
01/04/1994EI-CJXdel GPA Group (later renamed GECAS).
01/04/1994EI-CJXlt Transaero Airlines.
00/05/1996EI-CJXat Manchester; named "Seattle".
17/07/1997EI-CJXtfd to GECAS Technical Services; opb Transaero Airlines on lease.
30/01/1998N160GEtfd to GECAS; opb Transaero Airlines on lease.
04/10/1998N160GEret GECAS.
09/10/1998N160GEat Everett in basic Transaero Airlines c/s; parked.
05/04/1999N160GEat Everett in Flying Colours Airlines c/s; wearing registration G-FCLJ.
23/04/1999N160GEregistration cancelled.
26/04/1999G-FCLJlt & rgd to Flying Colours Airlines; ferried Everett-Manchester (arrived 27/04/1999).
01/05/1999G-FCLJin service: Manchester-Alicante.
25/03/2000G-FCLJat Salzburg in full JMC Airlines c/s.
27/03/2000G-FCLJFlying Colours Airlines renamed JMC Airlines.
15/11/2000G-FCLJat London/Luton in basic JMC Airlines c/s with "Apple Vacations" titles.
17/11/2000G-FCLJsub-lt Ryan International Airways; ferried London/Luton-Bangor as RYN9003 (arrived 18/11/2000).
19/11/2000G-FCLJarr Wichita.
02/04/2001G-FCLJret JMC Airlines; ferried Chicago-Gander-Manchester as RYN6001.
01/03/2003G-FCLJJMC Airlines renamed Thomas Cook Airlines.
03/04/2003G-FCLJrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines UK Ltd.
00/04/2003G-FCLJat Faro in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s.
28/02/2004G-FCLJat Innsbruck with "ThomasCook.com" titles on left side only (applied 00/01/2004).
09/02/2008G-FCLJat Geneva with "ThomasCook.com" titles on both sides (applied after 00/10/2007).
13/12/2012G-FCLJsub-lt WestJet; ferried Manchester-Calgary as TCX38P.
21/04/2013G-FCLJret Thomas Cook Airlines; ferried Calgary-Manchester as TCX38F (arrived 22/04/2013).
10/12/2013G-FCLJsub-lt WestJet; ferried Manchester-Calgary as TCX37P.
28/04/2014G-FCLJret Thomas Cook Airlines; ferried Calgary-Manchester as TCX37F (arrived 29/04/2014).
02/11/2014G-FCLJlast service: Larnaca-Manchester as TCX51JP; ferried Manchester-Istanbul as TCX28M.
21/12/2014G-FCLJferried Istanbul-Manchester as TCX752M.
17/01/2015G-FCLJferried Manchester-Bangor-Jacksonville/VQQ as TCX752P; for ?
00/01/2015G-FCLJret to lessor.
20/01/2015G-FCLJregistration cancelled.
21/01/2015N135CArgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
04/07/2015N135CAferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Goodyear as JTN704 in full National Airlines c/s; not converted to freighter.
31/07/2015N135CAat Goodyear; stored.
00/00/2015N135CAfor National Airlines.
31/10/2015N135CAferried Goodyear-Bangor-Shannon (arrived 01/11/2015).
19/11/2015N135CAregistration cancelled.
20/11/2015EI-CJXrgd to ASL Airlines Ireland Ltd.
04/01/2016EI-CJXat Shannon in full National Airlines c/s; missing both engines.
08/03/2016EI-CJXat Shannon in full National Airlines c/s with blended winglets (installed after 04/01/2016).
16/03/2016EI-CJXat Shannon in full Aer Lingus c/s; named "St. Boice/Buithe"; missing both engines.
13/05/2016EI-CJXsub-lt Aer Lingus; in service: Shannon-Boston as EI135.
15/03/2020EI-CJXlast service: Minneapolis/MSP-Dublin/DUB as EIN88 (arrived 16/03/2020).
20/03/2020EI-CJXferried Dublin/DUB-Shannon/SNN as EIN990; ret to ASL Airlines Ireland; for short term storage.
12/05/2020EI-CJXferried Shannon/SNN-Bangor/BGR-Marana/MZJ as ABR952P/ABR953P; for return to lessor.
03/07/2020OE-IOHrgd to Hawkes Loan Management.
00/08/2020OE-IOHregistration cancelled.
15/12/2020OE-IOHat Marana/MZJ; part out and scrapping.
05/05/2021OE-IOHat Marana/MZJ; missing both engines, doors and radome.

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