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Line number0472
Type2Y0 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD8F4B
16/06/1992XA-SCBroll out.
09/07/1992XA-SCBfirst flight.
23/07/1992XA-SCBdel GPA Group (later named GECAS).
23/07/1992XA-SCBlt TAESA.
10/08/1993XA-KWKTAESA; re-rgd.
17/08/1993XA-KWKat Mexico City in full TAESA c/s.
00/00/1993XA-KWKused for a flight from Italy to Mexico transporting the Pope.
27/04/1995XA-KWKret GPA Group; arr Shannon.
04/05/1995SX-BBYr/o at Shannon in full Venus Airlines c/s; lt Venus Airlines.
05/05/1995SX-BBYferried Shannon-Athens as VER002F.
18/04/1996SX-BBYret GECAS; ferried London/Luton-Shannon; for maintenance.
22/04/1996SX-BBYferried Shannon-London/Heathrow.
23/04/1996SE-DULGECAS; re-rgd.
26/04/1996SE-DULlt Transwede.
27/04/1996SE-DULrgd to Airplanes Finance Ltd., Shannon.
27/04/1996SE-DULferried London/Heathrow-Stockholm/Arlanda.
26/05/1996SE-DULat Stockholm/Arlanda in full Transwede c/s.
04/12/1996SE-DULat Faro in Transwede c/s without titles.
05/12/1996SE-DULcompany renamed Blue Scandinavia.
00/01/1997SE-DULat Miami in Transwede c/s with "Blue Scandinavia" titles.
01/01/1998SE-DULcompany renamed Britannia Airways AB.
25/03/1998SE-DULarr Maastricht/Aachen; for repaint.
04/04/1998SE-DULferried Maastricht/Aachen-Stockholm/Arlanda in full Britannia Airways c/s with "Britannia" titles.
15/04/2000SE-DULsub-lt Britannia Airways.
31/10/2000SE-DULret Britannia Airways AB.
01/04/2001SE-DULferried Stockholm/Arlanda-London/Luton; for maintenance.
20/04/2001SE-DULferried London/Luton-Maastricht/Aachen as BAL992F; for repaint.
26/04/2001SE-DULferried Maastricht/Aachen-London/Luton as BAL763F in full Arkia c/s.
26/04/2001SE-DULret GECAS.
27/04/2001SE-DULregistration cancelled.
27/04/20014X-BAYlt Arkia; ferried London/Luton-Tel Aviv (arrived 28/04/2001).
03/05/20024X-BAYferried Tel Aviv-London/Luton as AIZ001.
00/05/20024X-BAYret GECAS.
07/05/2002EI-MONrgd to Airplanes holdings Ltd.
07/05/2002EI-MONlt Monarch Airlines.
10/05/2002EI-MONat London/Luton in all white c/s.
13/05/2002EI-MONat London/Gatwick in all white c/s with black "Monarch" titles and tail logo.
26/10/2002EI-MONlast service: Alicante-London/Luton as MON5451.
01/11/2002EI-MONret GECAS; ferried London/Luton-Lasham as MON757T; for storage.
17/11/2002EI-MONat Lasham in all white c/s without titles and tail logo; windows taped up; stored.
18/01/2003EI-MONat Lasham in all white c/s without titles and tail logo; windows taped up; stored.
03/04/2003EI-MONarr Eindhoven; for repaint.
12/04/2003EI-MONferried Eindhoven-Lasham in full Titan Airways c/s.
22/04/2003EI-MONregistration cancelled.
22/04/2003G-ZAPUrgd to Airplanes Holdings Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.
22/04/2003G-ZAPUlt Titan Airways.
24/04/2003G-ZAPUat Lasham in full Titan Airways without titles.
09/06/2003G-ZAPUrgd to Titan Airways Ltd., Stansted.
00/01/2007G-ZAPUarr Eindhoven; for repaint.
20/01/2007G-ZAPUferried Eindhoven-London/Stansted in all white c/s.
29/04/2007G-ZAPUat Amsterdam in full 2006 Titan Airways c/s (repainted after 01/04/2007).
19/04/2009G-ZAPUlast service: Chambery-London/Gatwick; ferried London/Gatwick-London/Stansted as AWC5C.
20/04/2009G-ZAPUferried London/Stansted-Lasham as AWC7Y.
23/04/2009G-ZAPUferried Lasham-London/Stansted as AWC7W.
24/05/2009G-ZAPUsub-lt Thomas Cook Airlines; ferried London/Stansted-London/Gatwick as TCX728P; in service: London/Gatwick-Mahon as TCX728K.
00/00/2009G-ZAPUret Titan Airways.
05/09/2009G-ZAPUat Manchester/MAN with "Pixi Lott - Baby-G" titles on fuselage and tail.
05/10/2009G-ZAPUret to lessor; arr Southend; for storage.
04/01/2010G-ZAPUferried Southend-Shannon as AWC01C; for repaint.
13/01/2010G-ZAPUferried Shannon-London/Stansted as AWC757T in all white c/s.
17/01/2010G-ZAPUferried London/Stansted-Laham as AWC75Y.
15/02/2010G-ZAPUat Lasham in all white c/s; stored.
19/03/2010G-ZAPUregistration cancelled.
19/03/2010TF-FIKrgd to Airplanes holdings Ltd.
19/03/2010TF-FIKlt Icelandair; ferried Lasham-Keflavik as ICE6055 in all white c/s.
01/06/2010TF-FIKat Toronto in white fuselage c/s with blue tail, "Icelandair" titles and tail logo.
26/10/2010TF-FIKferried Keflavik-Las Palmas-Monrovia in all white c/s with "UN" titles on fuselage and tail; code 'UN-151' on nose.
19/05/2011TF-FIKferried Monrovia-Keflavik; after operation for UN.
00/09/2011TF-FIKret Airplanes Holdings Ltd.
22/09/2011TF-FIKbt Federal Express Corporation.
07/10/2011TF-FIKat Victorville in all white c/s; stored.
11/10/2011N973FDrgd to Federal Express Corporation
00/00/2012N973FDferried Victorville-Mobile; for conversion to freighter.
24/02/2013N973FDat Mobile in all white c/s; conversion to freighter completed.
03/03/2013N973FDferried Mobile-New Iberia; for repaint.
00/03/2013N973FDferried New Iberia-Memphis in full FedEx c/s.
14/03/2013N973FDin service: Memphis-Wichita as FDX522.
07/11/2013N973FDat Los Angeles; named "Abigaile".
Marcel van Noordenne

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