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Line number0547
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA36E62
01/04/19934X-EBVroll out.
22/04/19934X-EBVfirst flight.
05/05/19934X-EBVdel El Al Israel Airlines; '507'.
07/05/19934X-EBVat Amsterdam for fuel stop; on ferry flight from U.S.A. to Tel Aviv.
18/06/20004X-EBVr/o at Hamburg in 1998 El Al c/s; ferried Hamburg-Paris/Charles de Gaulle.
00/06/20094X-EBVlt Sun d'Or.
02/07/20094X-EBVat Tel Aviv in basic El Al c/s with "Sun d'Or" titles and tail logo (applied after 16/06/2009).
03/11/20094X-EBVat Dusseldorf in basic El Al c/s without titles and tail logo; opf Sun d'Or (titles and tail logo removed after 24/10/2009).
29/12/20104X-EBVat Frankfurt in full El Al c/s (titles and tai logo applied after 12/09/2010).
23/01/20134X-EBVferried Tel Aviv-London/Luton-New York/JFK-Goodyear as ELY15 in basic El Al c/s (arrived 24/01/2013).
22/02/20134X-EBVbt AeroTurbine Inc. (from Turbo Resources International).
22/02/2013N320ATbt Bank of Utah.
16/03/2013N320ATat Goodyear in basic El Al c/s without titles and tail logo; missing both engines; wearing no registration.
23/04/2013N320ATrgd to Bank of Utah.
07/04/2014N320ATat Goodyear; in the process of being scrapped; still wearing registration 4X-EBV (on left side?).
27/06/2014N320ATscrapping completed.
13/04/2017N320ATregistration cancelled.
Marcel van Noordenne

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