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Line number0610
Type236 W
EnginesRolls Royce Rb211-535E4
Mode S-
Name"Fleuve Congo"
00/00/1994G-BMRLBritish Airways - not taken up.
10/03/1994G-BPEJroll out.
29/03/1994G-BPEJfirst flight.
22/04/1994G-BPEJrgd to British Airways.
25/04/1994G-BPEJdel British Airways; named "Castell Dinas Bran".
25/04/1994G-BPEJarr London/Heathrow as BA9689P on ferry flight from U.S.A.
01/05/1994G-BPEJfirst service: London/Heathrow-Geneva.
24/09/1994G-BPEJat Munich with extra "Fly New Club Europe" titles.
18/05/1999G-BPEJlast service: Zurich-London/Heathrow as BA719.
00/05/1999G-BPEJrepainted in new British Airways c/s with "Union Flag" tail c/s.
24/05/1999G-BPEJin service: London/Heathrow-Helsinki as BA798.
29/06/1999G-BPEJat Aberdeen; named "Chatham Historic Dockyard".
01/10/2008G-BPEJat London/Heathrow in Open Skies c/s an with blended winglets; named "Penny".
03/10/2008G-BPEJin service: Paris/Orly-New York/JFK as EC001.
15/08/2008G-BPEJat London/Gatwick; for maintenance.
18/08/2010G-BPEJregistration cancelled.
18/08/2010F-GPEJrgd to British Airways Plc; opb Open Skies on lease.
22/08/2010F-GPEJferried London/Gatwick-Paris/Orly as BOS921P.
15/11/2011F-GPEJlast service: Washington-Paris/Orly as EC9734 (arrived 16/11/2011).
23/11/2011F-GPEJret British Airways; ferried Paris/Orly-London/Heathrow as EC920.
26/02/2012F-GPEJperformed a local test flight at London/Heathrow as BA9280E.
01/03/2012F-GPEJbt Privatair.
05/03/2012HB-JJDPrivatair; re-rgd.
17/04/2012HB-JJDferried London/Heathrow-Chateauroux-Maastricht/Aachen as PTI001 in all white c/s; for repaint.
26/04/2012HB-JJDat Maastricht/Aachen in full EC Air -Equatorial Congo Airlines c/s; named "Fleuve Congo".
22/05/2012HB-JJDferried Maastricht/Aachen-Hamburg; for cabin configuration.
11/08/2012HB-JJDferried Hamburg-Geneva-Brazzaville; lt EC Air.
10/10/2016HB-JJDEC Air suspended operations.
17/10/2016HB-JJDstored at Brazzaville/BZV.
23/01/2017HB-JJDregistration cancelled.
17/10/2018TN-AJR?ferried Brazzaville/BZV-Addis Ababa/ADD; for storage.
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