Line number0541
Type2Q8 W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA82520
12/03/1993N801AMroll out.
05/04/1993N801AMfirst flight.
16/04/1993N801AMdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
16/04/1993N801AMlt Aeromexico.
00/05/1993XA-SIKAeromexico; re-rgd (before 28/05/1993).
28/05/1993XA-SIKat Mexico City in Aeromexico c/s with "Aeromextour" titles.
10/12/1993XA-SIKat New York/JFK in full Aeromexico c/s.
01/06/1994N801AMAeromexico; re-rgd.
27/06/2000N801AMbt ACG Acquisitions XX LLC; opb Aeromexico on lease.
28/06/2000N801AMrgd to ACG Acquisitions XX LLC, Stamford, CT.
16/06/2005N801AMferried Guadalajara-Orlando-Jacksonville/VQQ as AMX841.
25/06/2005N801AMret ACG Acquisitions XX LLC.
03/07/2005N801AMat Atlanta in Sunexpress c/s.
06/07/2005N801AMferried Atlanta-Shannon-Istanbul (arrived 07/07/2005).
13/07/2005TC-SNAlt Sunexpress.
14/07/2005N801AMregistration cancelled.
00/05/2006TC-SNAarr Lasham; for installation of blended winglets.
15/06/2006TC-SNAferried Lasham-Southend with blended winglets; for respray.
24/06/2006TC-SNAferried Southend-Dusseldorf.
00/04/2007TC-SNAat Atlanta; missing both engines (for maintenance).
08/02/2008TC-SNAret ACG Acquisitions XX LLC; ferried Antalya-Prestwick-Miami as SXS003; for maintenance.
05/05/2008TC-SNAat Miami in full Aladia c/s.
13/05/2008XA-ACAlt Aladia; ferried Miami-Monterrey in full Aladia c/s.
21/11/2008XA-ACAAladia suspended operations.
00/00/2009XA-ACAat San Bernardino; stored.
20/01/2009N624AGrgd to ACG Acquisitions XX LLC, Newport Beach. CA.
27/03/2009N624AGat Victorville in Aladia c/s; stored.
17/06/2009N624AGferried Victorville-Macon; for repaint.
25/07/2009N624AGferried Macon-Bangor.
28/07/2009N624AGferried Bangor-Nantes in all white c/s (arrived 29/07/2009).
07/08/2009N624AGferried Nantes-St. Nazaire in all white c/s.
13/08/2009N624AGregistration cancelled.
13/08/2009F-GTIPlt Eagle Aviation Europe.
13/09/2009F-GTIPferried St. Nazaire-Paris/Charles de Gaulle.
14/09/2009F-GTIPcrew training: Paris/Charles de Gaulle-Marseille-Toulouse-Nantes.
19/09/2009F-GTIPferried Nantes-Tirana.
12/11/2009F-GTIPsub-lt Albanian Airlines;ferried Tirana-Pristina after storage.
13/11/2009F-GTIPin service: Pristina-Madinah.
29/12/2009F-GTIPat Tirana with "Albanian Airlines" titles.
11/02/2010F-GTIPEagle Aviation Europe ceased operations; ferried Cotonou-London/Luton-Lasham.
03/03/2010F-GTIPferried Lasham-Shannon-Bangor-Victorville (arrived 04/03/2010).
05/03/2010F-GTIPregistration cancelled.
08/03/2010N624AGrgd to ACG Acquisitions XX LLC, Newport, CA.
28/01/2011N624AGrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
28/01/2011N624AGlt Delta Air Lines.
04/03/2011N624AGferried Victorville-Marana as DAL9932.
00/10/2011N624AGat Marana in all white c/s; stored.
07/03/2012N624AGferried Marana-Atlanta as DAL9931 (TT: 46593 hours; 17221 cycles).
15/03/2012N624AGat Atlanta in bare c/s; missing both engines; to be repainted.
00/00/2012N624AGrepainted in 2007 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles.
20/07/2012N624AGin service: Atlanta-New York/JFK as DAL1720.
12/08/2016N624AGrgd to Delta Air Lines Inc.
24/03/2020N624AGlast service: New York/JFK-Seattle/SEA as DAL183; ferried Seattle/SEA-Victorville/VCV as DAL9952; for parking because of COVID-19 pandemic.
25/08/2020N624AGferried Victorville/VCV-Queretaro/QRO as DAL9937; for maintenance.
00/00/2020N624AGdep Queretaro/QRO; after maintenance.
16/01/2022N624AGLast service: Panama City/PTY-Los Angeles/LAX as DAL1847.
17/01/2022N624AGferried Los Angeles/LAX-Victorville/VCV as DAL9962; for storage.

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