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Line number0528
Type204 W F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S7810AF
26/01/1993G-BYAJroll out.
17/02/1993G-BYAJfirst flight.
04/03/1993G-BYAJdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
04/03/1993G-BYAJlt & rgd to Britannia Airways.
05/03/1993G-BYAJarr London/Luton as BAL757A on ferry flight from U.S.A.
14/03/1993G-BYAJfirst service: London/Gatwick-Geneva.
29/11/2004G-BYAJarr Maastricht/Aachen; for repaint.
05/12/2004G-BYAJr/o at Maastricht/Aachen in 'World of TUI' c/s with "" titles; dep as BAL999P.
09/05/2005G-BYAJBritannia Airways renamed
00/01/2008G-BYAJarr Hamilton; for installation of blended winglets.
29/01/2008G-BYAJregistration cancelled.
04/02/2008SE-RFOferried Hamilton-Stockholm/Arlanda with blended winglets.
05/02/2008SE-RFOsub-lt & rgd to TUIfly Nordic AB.
17/02/2008SE-RFOat Tenerife in 'World of TUI' c/s without titles.
23/02/2008SE-RFOat Stockholm/Arlanda in 'World of TUI' c/s with "TUIfly Nordic" titles (applied after 18/02/2008).
24/10/2011SE-RFOlast service: Larnaca-Stockholm/Arlanda as BLX336.
25/10/2011SE-RFOferried Stockholm/Arlanda-Bangor as BLX75P; for lease return.
31/01/2012SE-RFOregistration cancelled.
02/02/2012OH-AFMlt Air Finland; ferried Lake City-Bangor-Keflavik-Helsinki as FIF752M (arrived 03/02/2012).
26/06/2012OH-AFMlast service: Palma-Birmingham as MON959; ferried Birmingham-Manchester as TCX212.
26/06/2012OH-AFMAir Finland ceased operations; ferried Manchester-Perpignan (arrived 27/06/2012).
26/07/2012EI-EXWrgd to ILFC Ireland Ltd.
14/08/2012EI-EXWregistration cancelled.
15/08/20128Q-MEIlt Mega Maldives; ferried Perpignan-Astana in basic Air Finland c/s without titles.
28/09/20128Q-MEIat Hong Kong in white c/s with blue belly c/s and "Mega" titles on tail; in service.
17/06/20138Q-MEIat Hong Kong; now with logo in tail (applied after 07/04/2013).
14/05/20168Q-MEIret lessor; stored at Xiamen.
08/09/2016N563SGrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
14/11/2016N563SGregistration cancelled.
17/11/2016B-1578rgd to SF Airlines.
24/11/2016B-1578ferried Xiamen-Chengdu; for conversion to freighter.
03/07/2017B-1578rgd as Freighter.
Marcel van Noordenne

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