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Line number0530
Type28A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S5140BD
02/02/1993S7-AAXroll out.
24/02/1993S7-AAXfirst flight.
10/03/1993S7-AAXdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
10/03/1993S7-AAXlt Air Seychelles; named "Aride".
18/03/1993S7-AAXferried Boeing Field-Iqaluit-Madrid as HM757.
20/03/1993S7-AAXferried Madrid-Nairobi-Male as HM757.
28/04/1993S7-AAXferried Madrid-London/Gatwick as SEY100; for essential maintenance.
03/12/1996S7-AAXlast service: Male-Rome/Fiumicino-London/Haethrow (arrived 04/12/1996).
04/12/1996S7-AAXret International Lease Finance Corporation.
00/12/1996S7-AAXat London/Heathrow; being prepared for 5 year lease to Air Transat by British Airways Maintenance.
05/12/1996S7-AAXrepainted at London/Heathrow as C-GTSV.
16/12/1996C-GTSVlt & rgd to Air Transat.
13/01/1997C-GTSVat Orlando in full Air Transat c/s; fleet number '622'.
00/06/2002C-GTSVret International Lease Finance Corporation.
10/06/2002C-GTSVferried Montreal-Amsterdam as TSC090 in full new Air Holland c/s (arrived 11/06/2002).
11/06/2002C-GTSVregistration cancelled.
11/06/2002PH-AHSlt Air Holland.
14/06/2002PH-AHSrgd to Air Holland.
21/06/2002PH-AHSin service: Amsterdam-Banjul as HLN593.
09/03/2003PH-AHSat Toulouse; named "Grace".
15/05/2003PH-AHSsub-lt Air Scotland; at Glasgow in basic Air Holland c/s with "" titles and smaller "in cooperation with Air Holland" titles on forward lower fuselage.
19/06/2003PH-AHSat Amsterdam in full Air Scotland c/s.
01/11/2003PH-AHSat Barcelona.
00/00/2003PH-AHSferried to Nimes; for storage.
09/12/2003PH-AHSat Nimes in full Air Scotland c/s; stored.
10/03/2004PH-AHSregistration cancelled.
12/03/2004N364LFrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
14/04/2004N364LFferried Nimes-Shannon as SXA419.
27/04/2004N364LFregistration cancelled.
28/04/2004OH-AFKrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
28/04/2004OH-AFKlt Air Finland.
20/05/2004OH-AFKferried Keflavik-Norwich as FIF003.
05/06/2004OH-AFKat Helsinki in full Air Finland c/s.
00/06/2007OH-AFKsub-lt Atlasjet.
09/06/2007OH-AFKat Helsinki; left side in Air Finland c/s with "Atlasjet" titles on fuselage, right side in white fuselage c/s without titles, red tail c/s, blue Air Finland engine cowlings c/s and no tail logo.
16/06/2007OH-AFKat Stockholm/Arlanda in Atlasjet c/s; only engine cowlings are still Air Finland blue.
00/09/2007OH-AFKret Air Finland.
28/09/2007OH-AFKat Helsinki in full Air Finland c/s (repainted after 03/09/2007).
15/06/2010OH-AFKsub-lt Astraeus; ferried Helsinki-Brize Norton as AEU733P; in service: Brize Norton-Minhad Air Base.
16/06/2010OH-AFKret Air Finland.
00/03/2011OH-AFKret International Lease Finance Corporation.
08/03/2011OH-AFKferried Helsinki-Abu Dhabi-Singapore/Seletar (arrived 09/03/2011); for conversion to freighter.
11/03/2011OH-AFKbt Guggenheim Aviation Partners.
18/03/2011OO-TFAGuggenheim Aviation Partners; re-rgd.
16/11/2011OO-TFAperformed acceptance flight at Singapore after conversion to combi; still in basic Air Finland c/s.
17/11/2011OO-TFAlt TNT Airways.
15/03/2012OO-TFAarr Liege in grey c/s without titles; for operations with NATO as a combi; to be based at Geilenkirchen.
16/04/2012OO-TFAfirst service for NATO.
00/00/2016OO-TFAcompany renamed ASL Airlines Belgium.
21/12/2018OO-TFAlast service: Konya/KYA-Geilenkirchen/GKE as TAY5016; ferried Geilenkirchen/GKE-Liege/LGG as TAY501P.
17/01/2019OO-TFAferried Liege/LGG-Dhaka/DAC-Singapore/XSP as TAY970E; from combi to full freighter conversion.
22/01/2019N757ASrgd to Bank of Utah.
15/10/2020N757ASregistration cancelled.
00/10/2020OE-LFErgd to ASL Airlines Belgium?; conversion from combi to full freighter completed as Singapore/XSP.
08/11/2020OE-LFEferried Singapore/XSP-Tbilisi/TBS-Budapest/BUD as TAY970E (arrived 09/10/2020).
00/12/2020OE-LFEret to service.
27/03/2022OE-LFElast service: Istanbul/SAW-Liege/LGG as TAY4731.
20/04/2022OE-LFEferried Liege/LGG-Budapest/BUD as TAY970E; ret to lessor.
00/09/2022OE-LFEregistration cancelled.
30/09/20224L-GEGdel Geo Sky; ferried Budapest/BUD-Tbilisi/TBS as GEL900 in all white c/s.
16/11/20224L-GEGat Hong Kong/HKG in all white c/s with "Geo Sky" titles and tail logo.
Marcel van Noordenne


  1. 17/01/2019 OO-TFA ferried Liege/LGG-Dhaka/DAC-Singapore/XSP as TAY970E; for Combi to full freighter conversion

    22/01/2019 N757AS rgd to Bank of Utah. Freighter conversion for ASL Airlines Belgium.

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