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Line number0445
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S440BBF
25/03/1992G-IEACroll out.
15/04/1992G-IEACfirst flight.
28/04/1992G-IEACdel Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
28/04/1992G-IEAClt Inter European Airways.
18/10/1993G-IEACret Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
19/10/1993G-CSVSlt & rgd to Airtours International.
01/11/1993G-CSVSat Manchester in full Airtours International c/s.
29/03/1998G-CSVSlast service: Sanford-Manchester.
25/04/1998G-CSVSret Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
30/04/1998G-CSVSregistration cancelled.
30/04/1998TF-GRLbt FIH Leasing.
30/04/1998TF-GRLlt Greenlandair.
01/05/1998TF-GRLferried Manchester-Hamburg in Airtours International c/s; for repaint.
10/05/1998TF-GRLr/o at Hamburg in full Greenlandair c/s; named "Kunuunnguaq" (an Inuit word meaning Little Knud, referring to Knud Rasmussen, the Danish missionary and explorer who brought civilization to Greenland); ferried Hamburg-Copenhagen as GRL757.
12/05/1998TF-GRLin service: Copenhagen-?
01/06/1999OY-GRLGreenlandair; re-rgd.
01/07/2002OY-GRLcompany renamed Air Greenland.
24/05/2004OY-GRLat Copenhagen in new Air Greenland c/s (repainted after 20/04/2004).
06/05/2010OY-GRLrgd to Air Greenland A/S.
14/11/2010OY-GRLat Copenhagen inside hangar; parked.
10/02/2011OY-GRLat Copenhagen inside hangar in basic Air Greenland c/s without titles and tail logo.
17/03/2011OY-GRLregistration cancelled.
17/03/2011N701ZXbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
18/03/2011N701ZXrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
22/03/2011N701ZXferried Copenhagen-Bangor-Jacksonville/VQQ as GN026; for conversion to freighter.
00/00/2011PP-BIZlease to CargoBis - not taken up.
00/06/2011N701ZXconversion to freighter completed.
21/07/2011N701ZXferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Bangor-East Midlands in yellow/red DHL c/s (arrived 22/07/2011).
28/07/2011N701ZXregistration cancelled.
28/07/2011G-CSVSrgd to European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH.
11/08/2011G-CSVSsub-lt Tasman Cargo Airlines in full DHL c/s; ferried East Midlands-Bahrain-Singapore-Sydney-Auckland (arrived 14/08/2011).
20/08/2011G-CSVSin service: Auckland-Sydney as TMN1.
28/06/2013G-CSVSregistration cancelled.
28/06/2013VH-TCATasman Cargo Airlines; re-rgd.
03/07/2013VH-TCArgd to European Air Transport.
25/10/2013VH-TCAr/o at Auckland with large 'Rugby World Cup 2015' sticker and large "Official Logistics Partner" titles.
17/11/2017VH-TCAat Sydney with 'Jeremy Clarkson' in tail and "The Flying Orangutan" titles above registration on aft fuselage (applied after 15/11/2017).
23/10/2018G-DHKZrgd to DHL Air, Diegem, Belgium.
31/10/2018G-DHKZferried Auckland/AKL-Sydney/SYD-Singapore/SIN-Bahrain/BAH-East Midlands/EMA as DHK1P (arrived 01/11/2018).
07/07/2019G-DHKZferried East Midlands/EMA-Bangor/BGR-Jacksonville/VQQ as DHK019P; for maintenance?
10/10/2019G-DHKZperformed local test fight at Jacksonville/VQQ as DHK6Z.
14/10/2019G-DHKZferried Jacksonville/VQQ-East Midlands/EMA as DHK06P.
21/01/2022G-DHKZregistration cancelled.
21/01/2022OE-LNBrgd to DHL Air Austria.
Marcel van Noordenne

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