Line number0441
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4245AC
00/00/1992Air Europe - not taken up.
26/02/1992EC-957roll out.
18/03/1992EC-957first flight.
15/04/1992EC-957del Aries Leasing.
15/04/1992EC-957lt LTE International Airways.
03/07/1992EC-FLYLTE International Airways; re-rgd.
28/10/1993EC-FLYret Aries Leasing.
28/10/1993D-AMULtransferred to Jesem Aviation Corporation.
28/10/1993D-AMULlt LTU Sud.
05/11/1993D-AMULat Hamburg in LTE c/s with "LTU Sud" titles.
00/05/1995D-AMULret American Express.
11/05/1995D-AMULferried Munich-London/Luton; for repaint in Air Europa c/s.
19/05/1995EC-897bt Geonet.
19/05/1995EC-897lt Air Europa; ferried London/Luton-Palma.
20/05/1995EC-897at Salzburg in partial Air Europa c/s.
27/05/1995EC-897at Zurich in all white c/s.
09/08/1995EC-GBXAir Europa; re-rgd.
19/08/1995EC-GBXat Zurich in modified Air Europa c/s.
00/02/1998EC-GBXsub-lt Iberia in full Iberia c/s.
00/00/1998EC-GBXbt Boullioun Aviation Services; opb Air Europa on lease; opb Iberia on sub-lease.
31/10/2001EC-GBXret Air Europa.
01/11/2001EC-GBXat Madrid; parked.
10/01/2002EC-GBXat Madrid in all white c/s without titles; stored.
07/08/2002EI-CZBrgd to Bellevue Aircraft Leasing Ltd.
03/09/2002EI-CZBat London/Stansted in all white c/s.
12/09/2002EI-CZBferried London/Stansted-Southend in all white c/s.
19/09/2002EI-CZBr/o at Southend in full Cebu Pacific c/s.
20/09/2002EI-CZBferried Southend-London/Stansted.
02/12/2002EI-CZBregistration cancelled.
20/12/2002RP-C2716registration EI-CZB removed from aircraft and registration RP-C2716 applied.
22/12/2002RP-C2716lt Cebu Pacific; ferried London/Stansted-Dubai.
00/00/2005RP-C2716ret to lessor.
17/12/2005RP-C2716at Guangzhou in all white c/s without titles.
31/01/2006N639AXrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
00/05/2006N639AXferried Jacksonville-Madrid in full Girjet c/s.
24/05/2006N639AXat Madrid in full Girjet c/s.
25/05/2006N639AXregistration cancelled.
00/06/2006EC-JTNlt Girjet.
14/01/2008EC-JTNferried Barcelona-Sharjah as THN4050; to operate for Kazak company.
13/03/2008EC-JTNGirjet suspended all operations.
00/00/2008EC-JTNat Sharjah in full Girjet c/s with extra "Tahmid Air" titles below Girjet titles; stored.
19/07/2008EC-JTNat Sharjah in full Girjet c/s with extra "Tahmid Air" titles below Girjet titles; stored.
30/07/2008EC-JTNat Sharjah in full Girjet c/s with extra "Tahmid Air" titles below Girjet titles; stored.
30/07/2008N597AGrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
24/11/2008N597AGferried Sharjak-Alexandria-Keflavik-Duluth-Victorville in full Girjet c/s with extra "Tahmid Air" titles (arrived 25/11/2008).
24/03/2009N597AGat Victorville in full Girjet c/s; stored.
20/05/2009N597AGferried Victorville-Lake City-Jacksonville/VQQ (arrived 21/05/2009).
13/07/2009N597AGrgd to Aviation Capital Group Corporation, Newport Beach, CA.
00/11/2009N597AGconversion to freighter completed.
17/03/2010N597AGat Jacksonville/VQQ in all white c/s.
25/05/2010N597AGregistration cancelled.
26/05/2010PR-LGNlt VarigLog; ferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Rio de Janeiro in all white c/s.
01/02/2012PR-LGNVarigLog ceased operations.
24/04/2012N597AGrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
20/07/2012N597AGferried Tucson-Victorville in all white c/s with "VarigLog" titles.
12/11/2012N597AGat Victorville; stored.
11/10/2013N597AGferried Victorville-Wilmington Air Park.
10/05/2014N597AGferried Wilmington Air Park-Maastricht/Aachen in all white c/s (arrived 11/05/2014).
28/05/2014VQ-BPYat Maastricht/Aachen in full Yakutia Cargo c/s.
02/06/2014VQ-BPYlt Yakutia Airlines; ferried Maastricht/Aachen-Moscow/Vnukovo as SYL9991.
29/04/2018VQ-BPYat Moscow/VKO in full Yakutia c/s.
00/00/2018VQ-BPYlt Aviastar-TU Airlines.
13/10/2018VQ-BPYat Moscow/VKO in Yakutia c/s with "Aviastar-Tu" and "Cargo" titles on fuselage and "ATU" titles on tail.
19/11/2018VQ-BPYferried Moscow/VKO-Yakutsk/YKS as TUP9669; entered service: Yakutsk/YKS-Macau/MFM as TUP6670.
00/10/2019VQ-BPYat Moscow/VKO?; stored.

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