Line number0466
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD5CA7
26/05/1992G-BUDZroll out.
12/06/1992G-BUDZfirst flight.
25/06/1992G-BUDZdel Kawasaki Leasing.
25/06/1992G-BUDZrgd to Best Leisure Travel Ltd.
25/06/1992G-BUDZlt Caledonian Airways.
25/06/1992G-BUDZsub-lt Nationair; ferried Boeing field-Montreal/Mirabel.
29/09/1992G-BUDZregistration cancelled.
29/09/1992C-FNXYNationair; re-rgd.
22/03/1993C-FNXYNationair filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations 01/04/1993.
07/04/1993C-FNXYferried Toronto-London/Gatwick.
15/04/1993C-FNXYret Caledonian Airways.
23/04/1993C-FNXYat London/Gatwick without titles and registration.
00/04/1993C-FNXYret to Kawasaki Leasing.
28/04/1993C-FNXYregistration cancelled.
28/04/1993G-BUDZlt & rgd to Ambassador Airways Ltd.
04/05/1993G-BUDZat Newcastle in full Ambassador Airways c/s.
09/11/1993G-BUDZferried London/Gatwick-Santa Maria-Bogota in Ambassador Airways c/s with "Avianca" titles.
10/11/1993G-BUDZsub-lt Avianca Colombia.
11/11/1993G-BUDZin service: Bogota-New York/JFK.
20/04/1994G-BUDZlast service: Bogota-Cali-Barranquilla-Cali-Bogota.
22/04/1994G-BUDZret Ambassador Airways; ferried Bogota-Santa Maria-London/Gatwick as AMY001P (arrived 23/04/1994).
01/05/1994G-BUDZferried London/Gatwick-Newcastle in full Ambassador Airways c/s; in service: Newcastle-Larnaca.
25/11/1994G-BUDZlast service: Glasgow-Rome/Fiumicino.
30/11/1994G-BUDZrepossessed by Kawasaki Leasing.
20/12/1994G-BUDZat London/Gatwick; parked.
00/01/1995G-BUDZarr Belfast; for maintenance and continued storage.
21/04/1995G-BUDZferried Belfast-London/Heathrow in Ambassador Airways c/s.
02/05/1995G-BUDZferried London/Heathrow-Southend in Ambassador Airways c/s; for repaint.
09/05/1995G-BUDZr/o at Southend in full Sunways c/s with registration SE-DSL taped over; ferried Southend-London/Gatwick.
10/05/1995G-BUDZregistration cancelled.
16/05/1995N593KAKawasaki Leasing; re-rgd (aircraft was actually repainted with N592KA).
17/05/1995SE-DSLlt Sunways.
22/05/1995SE-DSLat Newcastle using call sign SWW1571/1572.
25/09/1997SE-DSLrepossessed by Kawasaki Leasing.
09/10/1997N593KAarr London/Luton; for maintenance.
16/10/1997N593KArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
31/10/1997N593KAat London/Luton; not wearing a registration.
02/03/1998N593KAbt KE Aircraft Leasing Inc.
02/03/1998N593KAbt BBAM Aircraft Holdings 34 Inc., San Francisco, CA.
17/03/1998N593KAferried London/Luton-Montreal/Dorval.
24/03/1998C-GRYKlt & rgd to Royal Aviation Inc.
30/03/1998N593KAregistration cancelled.
01/04/1998C-GRYKat Montreal/Dorval in all white c/s.
29/06/1998C-GRYKat Manchester in full Royal Aviation c/s.
23/04/2000C-GRYKferried Montreal-Amsterdam as ROY1971 (arrived 24/04/2000).
24/04/2000C-GRYKsub-lt Transavia Airlines; in service: Amsterdam-Iraklion.
15/06/2000C-GRYKret Royal Aviation; ferried Amsterdam-Montreal as ROY1142.
00/03/2001C-GRYKRoyal Aviation acquired by Canada 3000 Airlines.
30/04/2001C-GRYKat Toronto in basic Royal Aviation c/s with "Canada 3000" titles and tail logo.
09/11/2001C-GRYKCanada 3000 Airlines stopped operations due to financial difficulties.
00/11/2001C-GRYKat Toronto; parked.
20/11/2001C-GRYKat Toronto in basic Royal Aviation c/s; parked.
03/01/2002N593RAbt Wilmington Trust Company (from NBB-Royal Lease Finance Corporation).
04/01/2002C-GRYKregistration cancelled.
04/01/2002N593RArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
11/01/2002N593RAarr Mojave in basic Royal Aviation c/s with "Canada 3000" titles; for storage.
22/01/2002N593RAat Mojave in all white c/s without titles; stored.
15/03/2002N593RAferried Mojave-Las Vegas-Gander-Manchester (arrived 16/03/2002).
04/04/2002N593RAregistration cancelled.
05/04/2002G-OOOZlt & rgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
14/04/2002G-OOOZferried Manchester-Bristol as AMM757M; for repaint.
23/04/2002G-OOOZferried Bristol-Manchester as AMM757M in full new Air 2000 c/s.
11/05/2002G-OOOZin service: Manchester-Alicante as AMM194C.
16/12/2002G-OOOZat Manchester; Skyservice titles being applied.
00/12/2002G-OOOZsub-lt Skyservice Airlines.
31/03/2003G-OOOZret Air 2000; ferried Calgary-Manchester (arrived 01/04/2003).
13/01/2004G-OOOZAir 2000 renamed First Choice Airways.
06/03/2004G-OOOZat Salzburg in full First Choice Airways c/s.
10/12/2004G-OOOZregistration cancelled.
10/12/2004C-GOOZsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
11/12/2004C-GOOZferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV393.
17/02/2005C-GOOZat Toronto in First Choice Airways c/s with "Skyservice" titles.
05/04/2005C-GOOZret First Choice Airways; arr Manchester as SSV390.
07/04/2005C-GOOZregistration cancelled.
07/04/2005G-OOOZrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
12/12/2005G-OOOZat Manchester in First Choice Airways c/s with "Skyservice" and "Signature Holidays" titles; wearing registration C-GOOZ.
16/12/2005G-OOOZregistration cancelled.
16/12/2005C-GOOZsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.; ferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV369.
16/05/2006C-GOOZret First Choice Airways; ferried Toronto-London/Luton as SSV390 (arrived 17/05/2006).
17/05/2006C-GOOZregistration cancelled.
18/05/2006G-OOOZrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
23/11/2006G-OOOZferried Manchester-Southend as FCA757F; for repaint.
02/12/2006G-OOOZferried Southend-Manchester as FCA757F without titles; registration C-GOOZ taped over.
05/12/2006G-OOOZregistration cancelled.
05/12/2006C-GOOZsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines; ferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV390F.
26/03/2007C-GOOZret First Choice Airways; ferried Winnipeg-London/Luton as SSV391 (arrived 27/03/2007).
29/03/2007C-GOOZregistration cancelled.
30/03/2007G-OOOZrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
27/11/2007G-OOOZregistration cancelled.
28/11/2007C-GOOZsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines; ferried London/Luton-Toronto.
21/04/2008C-GOOZret First Choice Airways; ferried ?-Manchester as SSV590 (arrived 22/04/2008).
28/04/2008C-GOOZregistration cancelled.
29/04/2008G-OOOZrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
13/10/2008G-OOOZrgd to Thomson Airways Ltd.
01/11/2008G-OOOZFirst Choice Airways merged with Thomsonfly into Thomson Airways.
03/12/2008G-OOOZregistration cancelled.
03/12/2008C-GOOZsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines.
04/12/2008C-GOOZferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV394.
07/04/2009C-GOOZret Thomson Airways; ferried Toronto-Manchester as SSV390F.
09/04/2009C-GOOZregistration cancelled.
09/04/2009G-OOOZrgd to Thomson Airways Ltd.
11/01/2011G-OOOZto be returned to lessor.
21/01/2011G-OOOZregistration cancelled.
21/01/2011N960FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation (from Neodell Limited).
25/01/2011N960FDferried London/Luton-Bangor-Victorville as FDX9087 (arrived 26/01/2011).
19/11/2011N960FDscheduled start of conversion to freighter.
07/04/2012N960FDscheduled completion of conversion to freighter.
11/05/2012N960FDferried Mobile-New Iberia; for repaint.
19/05/2012N960FDferried New Iberia-Memphis full FedEx c/s; named "Brenna".

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