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Line number0453
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SADA595
08/04/1992G-BUDXroll out.
30/04/1992G-BUDXfirst flight.
13/05/1992G-BUDXdel Kawasaki Leasing.
13/05/1992G-BUDXlt Ambassador Airways.
13/05/1992G-BUDXsub-lt Caledonian Airways.
14/05/1992G-BUDXarr London/Gatwick on ferry flight from U.S.A.
21/05/1992G-BUDXarr Newcastle in basic Ambassador Airways c/s with "Caledonian" titles.
22/05/1992G-BUDXfirst service: Newcastle-Larnaca.
01/05/1993G-BUDXlast service: Larnaca-Edinburgh; ret Ambassador Airways; ferried Edinburgh-London/Gatwick for removal of Caledonian titles.
10/05/1993G-BUDXdep London/Gatwick with "Ambassador" titles.
19/05/1993G-BUDXAmbassor Airways logo applied on tail.
21/05/1993G-BUDXoperated first revenue flight for Ambassador Airways: Newcastle-Larnaca.
02/06/1993G-BUDXrgd to Ambassador Airways Ltd.
30/10/1993G-BUDXferried London/Gatwick-Santa Maria-Bogota in basic Ambassador Airways c/s with "Avianca" titles.
31/10/1993G-BUDXsub-tl Avianca Colombia.
01/11/1993G-BUDXin service: Bogota-New York/JFK.
15/04/1994G-BUDXlast service: Bogota-Medellin-Cartagena-Miami-Cartagena-Medellin-Bogota.
16/04/1994G-BUDXret Ambassador Airways; ferried Bogota-Santa Maria-London/Gatwick as AMY001P (arrived 17/04/1994).
24/04/1994G-BUDXat London/Gatwick in full Ambassador Airways c/s.
30/04/1994G-BUDXin service: Manchester-Malaga.
27/11/1994G-BUDXlast service: Larnaca-Paphos-Manchester.
29/11/1994G-BUDXimpounded at Manchester.
30/11/1994G-BUDXrepossessed by Kawasaki Leasing.
02/01/1995G-BUDXat Manchester; parked.
13/01/1995G-BUDXferried Manchester-Belfast; for maintenance and continued storage.
19/04/1995G-BUDXferried Belfast-Southend in Ambassador Airways c/s.
24/04/1995G-BUDXr/o at Southend in full Sunways c/s with registration SE-DSK taped over.
30/04/1995G-BUDXferried Southend-London/Gatwick.
10/05/1995G-BUDXregistration cancelled.
18/05/1995SE-DSKlt Sunways.
21/05/1995SE-DSKstill at London/Gatwick.
29/05/1995SE-DSKat Newcastle using call sign SWW1571/1572.
01/03/1996SE-DSKat Stockholm/Arlanda; named "Johan Cruyff".
20/09/1997SE-DSKferried Antalya-London/Luton; for maintenance; did not depart after Swedish CAA grounded aircraft.
25/09/1997SE-DSKrepossessed by Kawasaki Leasing.
16/10/1997N592KArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
24/10/1997N592KAferried London/Luton-London/Stansted.
31/10/1997N592KAr/o at London/Stansted in all white c/s.
05/12/1997N592KAat Southend; parked.
10/12/1997N592KAferried Southend-London/Luton.
14/01/1998N592KAbt BBAM Aircraft Holdings 34 Inc., San Francisco, CA.
31/01/1998N592KAat London/Luton in all white c/s; stored.
04/03/1998N592KAat London/Luton in all white c/s; stored.
02/04/1998N592KAat London/Luton in all white c/s; stored.
17/04/1998N592KAlt Aeromexico; ferried London/Luton-Bangor-Guadalajara as AMX811.
17/04/1998N592KAsub-lt Aeroperu.
28/12/1998N592KAbt Pegasus Aviation I Inc.; opb Aeromexico on lease; opb Aeroperu on sub-lease.
29/12/1998N592KArgd to Pegasus Aviation I Inc., San Francisco, CA.
14/03/1999N592KAAeroperu suspended operations due financial difficulties.
14/03/1999N592KAret Pegasus Aviation I Inc.
04/06/1999N592KAat Phoenix in basic Aeromexico c/s without titles.
20/06/1999N592KAarr Goodyear.
24/06/1999N592KAdep Goodyear using Boeing call sign.
18/07/1999N592KAat Everett in full National Airlines c/s.
30/07/1999N521NAPegasus Aviation I Inc.; re-rgd.
30/07/1999N521NAlt National Airlines.
06/11/2002N521NANational Airlines ceased operations.
00/11/2002N521NArgd to Pegasus Aviation I Inc.
07/11/2002N521NAferried Las Vegas-Marana; for storage.
26/12/2002N521NAferried Marana-Atlanta as TRZ521.
00/12/2002N521NAlt TransMeridian Airlines.
00/04/2003N521NAat New York/JFK in full TransMeridian Airlines c/s.
00/06/2003N521NAsub-lt Aerolineas Santo Domingo.
27/06/2003N521NAin service: Santo Domingo-New York/JFK as SDO701.
29/06/2003N521NAat New York/JFK in basic TransMeridian Airlines c/s with "Santo Domingo" titles and tail logo.
23/10/2003N521NAat Marana.
00/11/2003N521NAret TransMeridian Airlines.
00/11/2003N521NAsub-lt Travelspan in basic TransMeridan Airlines c/s.
01/01/2004N521NAat Miami in basic TransMeridian Airlines c/s with "Travelspan" titles, small "" titles on aft fuselage, bird logo on tail and "TMA" tittles on engine cowlings.
05/02/2005N521NAat Jacksonville in TransMeridian Airlines c/s with "" titles and tail logo.
30/09/2005N521NATransMeridian Airlines shut down all operations.
03/10/2005N521NAarr Miami in TransMeridian Airlines c/s with "" titles and tail logo.
07/11/2005N521NAat Miami in TransMeridian Airlines c/s with "" titles and tail logo.
21/11/2005N521NAlt Avianca Colombia; ferried Miami-Bogota.
04/02/2006N521NAat Miami in 2005 Avianca Colombia c/s.
00/00/2008N521NAret to lessor.
17/11/2008N521NAferried Bogota-Quito in full Aerogal c/s.
19/11/2008N521NAregistration cancelled.
00/11/2008HC-CHClease to Aerogal delayed?
21/11/2008N521NArgd to Pegasus Aviation I Inc., San Francisco, CA.
03/12/2008N521NAregistration cancelled.
03/12/2008HC-CHClt Aerogal.
06/04/2010HC-CHCret to lessor; ferried Quito-Tucson.
30/06/2010N169CArgd to Pegasus Aviation I Inc./Sky Holding Company LLC.
30/06/2010N169CAlt National Airlines.
19/07/2010N169CAferried Marana-Dothan; for repaint.
20/09/2010N169CAferried Dothan-Ypsilanti/Willow Run in full National Airlines c/s with "National" titles; for passenger operations.
25/06/2012N169CAferried Wurtsmith/OSC-Victorville as NCR169.
04/08/2012N169CAat Victorville in all white c/s; missing both engines.
24/09/2012N169CAbt Federal Express Corporation.
04/10/2012N169CArgd to Federal Express Corporation.
28/04/2013N169CAat Victorville; wearing registration N979FD.
28/05/2013N979FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
10/06/2013N979FDferried Victorville-Anchorage-Osaka/Kansai-Singapore/Seletar as FDX9089 (arrived 12/06/2013); for conversion to freighter.
05/07/2013N979FDofficial re-registration date!
09/12/2013N979FDferried Singapore/Seletar-Osaka/Kansai-Anchorage-Memphis as FDX9082 (arrived 12/12/2013).
12/12/2013N979FDin service: Memphis-Wichita as FDX522; named "Jackie".
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