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Line number0523
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAE0449
07/01/1993N59AWroll out.
29/01/1993N59AWfirst flight.
26/02/1993N59AWdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
00/02/1993N59AWarr Marana; for storage.
00/02/1993N59AWrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
10/04/1993N59AWat Marana in all white c/s with "AWW" titles and blue tail logo; stored.
19/10/1993N59AWat Marana in all white c/s with "AWW" titles and blue tail logo; stored.
23/11/1994N59AWlt American Trans Air.
23/11/1994N59AWat Fort Lauderdale in full new American Trans Air c/s (tropical theme); named "Spirit of American Trans Air".
00/12/1994N512ATAmerican Trans Air; re-rgd.
24/01/1995N512ATrgd to Wilmington Trus Company.
29/04/1995N512ATat Orlando; named "Spirit of ATA".
05/11/1995N512ATret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
05/11/1995N512ATbt Starflite International Corporation, New Braunfels, TX.
00/03/1998N312SFStarflite International Corporation; re-rgd.
23/12/1999N312SFbt Asnet Inc.; opb Starflite International on lease.
13/01/2000N312SFrgd to Asnet Inc., Rockwell, TX.
17/02/2000N757AVAsnet Inc.; re-rgd.
24/03/200098-6006lt United States Governement.
04/03/2000N757AVat Phoenix in all white c/s with dark red stripe below windows.
24/07/2000N757AVdep Las Vegas in all white c/s with a partial cheat line, a small US flag under the rear fuselage windows and a globe logo under the first window on the right side.
10/07/2002N757AVret Asnet Inc.
10/07/2002N757AVbt Kodiak Associates LLC.
01/08/2002N757AVrgd to Kodiak Associates LLC, Billings, MT.
19/08/2002N84WAKodiak Associates; re-rgd.
18/02/2004N84WAbt United States Air Force.
05/03/200402-4452at Stuttgart in all white c/s.
18/05/200402-4452at McGuire AFB in all white c/s.
14/06/2004N84WAregistration cancelled.
Marcel van Noordenne

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