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Line number0511
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA1F7E1
16/11/1992C-GTSFroll out.
01/12/1992C-GTSFfirst flight.
01/12/1992C-GTSFrgd to Air Transat A.T. Inc.
10/12/1992C-GTSFdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
10/12/1992C-GTSFlt Air Transat.
16/05/2001C-GTSFret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
16/05/2001C-GTSFregistration cancelled.
16/05/2001N38383bt AWMS III.
16/05/2001N38383lt Raytheon E-Systems Inc.
01/06/2001N38383ferried Tulsa-Greenville, TX in all white c/s with "Raytheon" titles on tail.
22/01/2002N38383bt Raytheon Services LLC.
21/01/2003N38383bt L-3 Capital LLC, Helena, MT.
21/01/2003N38383lt Comco.
30/01/2003N38383rgd to L-3 Capital LLC, Helena, MT.
06/02/2003N226GComco; re-rgd.
27/04/2004N226Gat Tulsa in all white c/s with "Comco" titles on tail.
10/12/2015N226Gat ? (Brazil) in modified c/s (no longer with "Comco" titles; repainted after 21/01/2015).
00/00/0000?aircraft also flown for USAF under different military registrations.
Marcel van Noordenne

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