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Line number0579
Type24A PF
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode SA533CA
08/09/1993N434UProll out.
28/09/1993N434UPfirst flight.
14/10/1993N434UPdel United Parcel Service.
02/11/1993N434UPrgd to United Parcel Service Company.
28/09/2002N434UPferried Louisville-Copenhagen.
00/09/2002N434UPregistration cancelled.
01/10/2002OY-USDlt Star Air/UPS (for European operations).
04/10/2002OY-USDrgd to United Parcel Service Company; opb Star Air on lease.
08/08/2005OY-USDregistration cancelled.
08/08/2005N434UPUnited Parcel Service Company; re-rgd.
09/08/2005N434UPrgd to United Parcel Service Company.
00/03/2006N434UPrepainted in 2003 United Parcel Service c/s with "Worldwide Services" and "Synchronizing the world of commerce" titles on fuselage.
01/12/2006N434UPat Tulsa (returned from European operations after 00/00/0000).
02/02/2016N434UPat Philadelphia/PHL with "Worldwide Services" titles only (extra titles removed after 13/08/2015).
Marcel van Noordenne

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