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Line number0412
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S601842
01/11/1991N35133roll out.
25/11/1991N35133first flight.
00/00/1991N35133Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services - not taken up.
00/12/1991N35133retained by Boeing for 1 year for Boeing 777 Fly by Wire System flight test program.
22/12/1992N58AWdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
04/01/1993N58AWat Marana in all white c/s, "AWW" titles and blue tail logo; stored.
15/03/1993N58AWat Marana in all white c/s, "AWW" titles and blue tail logo; stored.
01/12/1993EZ-A010bt Turkmenistan Airlines (opf Turkmenistan Government).
01/09/2005EZ-A010ferried Ashgabat-Birmingham-Halifax-Everett as TUS3209 (arrived 02/09/2005); for conversion to standard passenger configuration.
20/05/2006EZ-A010at Everett; outside BF Goodrich hangar.
09/11/2008EZ-A010at Bangkok in 2008 Turkmenistan Airlines c/s (repainted after 02/08/2008).
19/06/2015EZ-A010arr Istanbul/SAW; for storage.
02/11/2018EZ-A010dep Istanbul/SAW;
after storage.
22/11/2019EZ-A010at Almaty/ALA; in service.
00/00/0000EZ-A010stored at Ashgabat/ASB.
Marcel van Noordenne

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