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Line number0388
Type2Y0 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACE62A
09/07/1991G-OOOUroll out.
05/08/1991G-OOOUfirst flight.
30/08/1991G-OOOUdel GPA Group Ltd.
30/08/1991G-OOOUlt Air 2000.
01/11/1991G-OOOUferried Everett-London/Luton.
19/11/1995G-OOOUsub-lt Kiwi International; ferried Manchester-Calgary-Honolulu-Hamilton in basic Air 2000 c/s with "Kiwi" titles.
03/05/1996G-OOOUret Air 2000; arr Manchester in basic Air 2000 c/s with "Kiwi" titles.
18/05/1996G-OOOUat Salzburg in full Air 2000 c/s.
29/03/1999G-OOOUat Manchester with "TCS" titles.
19/01/2000G-OOOUat Manchester in full TCS Expeditions c/s with "Air 2000" titles on right side and "TCS Expeditions" titles on left side; named "Explorer I".
19/07/2000G-OOOUat Salzburg in full Air 2000 c/s.
19/01/2001G-OOOUat Manchester with "TCS Expeditions" titles.
00/00/2001G-OOOU"TCS Expeditions" titles removed.
31/10/2001G-OOOUr/o at Norwich with TCS Expeditions tail c/s; Air 2000 logos still on fuselage.
00/00/2002G-OOOUret to normal operations.
16/02/2003G-OOOUlast service: Turin-Manchester as AMM493D.
25/03/2003G-OOOUferried Manchester-Norwich as AMM757P; for repaint.
01/04/2003G-OOOUferried Norwich-Manchester as AMM757M; ret to lessor.
03/04/2003G-OOOUat Manchester inside Monarch Airlines hangar; wearing registration TF-ARI.
04/04/2003G-OOOUregistration cancelled.
04/04/2003TF-ARIrgd to Buckingham Partners.
04/04/2003TF-ARIlt Air Atlanta Icelandic.
10/04/2003TF-ARIat Manchester win white c/s with light blue tail c/s and light blue engine colors.
27/04/2003TF-ARIat Manston; being repainted with "" titles.
00/00/2003TF-ARIsub-lt Excel Airways.
31/05/2003TF-ARIat Faro in full Excel Airways c/s.
00/11/2004TF-ARIret Air Atlanta Icelandic.
03/11/2004TF-ARIferried London/Gatwick-Gander-Marana as ABP39P (arrived 04/11/2004); for winter storage.
16/03/2005TF-ARIferried Marana-Bangor-Manchester as ABP39P (arrived 17/03/2005).
03/04/2005TF-ARIat Manchester in Excel Airways c/s with "Excel Airways" titles and "" titles on engine cowlings.
04/11/2005TF-ARIat London/Stansted wearing registration G-VKNA.
08/11/2005TF-ARIregistration cancelled.
08/11/2005G-VKNArgd to Excel Airways Ltd.
17/11/2005G-VKNAarr Manchester as XLA757T.
01/05/2006G-VKNAAir Icelandic Europe merged into Excel Airways.
11/07/2006G-VKNAat Manchester with "" titles on tail (applied after 16/04/2006).
00/11/2006G-VKNAExcel Airways renamed XL Airways.
31/01/2007G-VKNAferried Manchester-Bristol as XLA090P; for repaint.
05/02/2007G-VKNAferried Bristol-Manchester as XLA210P in full XL Airways c/s.
05/09/2007G-VKNAlast service: Kos-Manchester as XLA2047; ferried Manchester-Southend as XLA047P; for lease return (maintenance/repaint).
00/09/2007G-VKNAret to lessor.
13/09/2007G-VKNAat Southend inside ATC hangar with large "Aladia" titles.
24/09/2007G-VKNAat Southend in full Aladia c/s; perfoming a local test flight.
26/07/2007G-VKNAat Southend; wearing registration XA-MTY.
27/09/2007G-VKNAregistration cancelled.
28/09/2007XA-MTYlt Aladia; ferried Southend-Gander-Monterrey (arrived 29/07/2007).
29/09/2008N930FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
30/09/2008N240MQbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest (from Buckingham Partnership LDC).
21/10/2008XA-MTYAladia suspended operations.
07/11/2008N240MQrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
00/00/2008N240MQat Lake City; stored.
11/02/2009N240MQat Lake City in Aladia c/s; still wearing registration XA-MTY; stored.
05/07/2009N240MQat Victorville in Aladia c/s; stored.
29/07/2009N240MQat Victorville in Aladia c/s; wearing 'N930FD' on nose wheel door; stored.
31/08/2009N240MQbt Federal Express Corporation.
09/09/2009N240MQrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
15/10/2009N240MQat Victorville in Aladia c/s; stored.
23/02/2010N240MQat Victorville in Aladia c/s; stored.
24/03/2010N240MQferried Victorville-Mobile as FDX9029.
10/04/2010N930FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
10/05/2010N240MQat Mobile; scheduled start of conversion to freighter.
12/05/2010N930FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
00/10/2010N930FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
24/10/2010N930FDferried Mobile-New Iberia as FDX9055; for repaint.
05/11/2010N930FDferried New Iberia-Memphis as FDX9007 in full FedEx c/s; named "Diana".
06/11/2010N930FDin service: Memphis-Wichita as FDX2505.
00/00/2019N930FDnamed "Piet".
Marcel van Noordenne

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