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Line number0387
Type2J4 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAA6922
03/07/1991N35108roll out.
26/07/1991N35108first flight.
30/07/1991N35108at Boeing Field with registration OY-SHB taped over.
25/09/1991OY-SHBdel Sterling Airways.
22/09/1993OY-SHBSterling Airways suspended operations and filed for bankruptcy.
00/09/1993OY-SHBrepossessed by Baltica Bank & Unibank.
00/09/1993OY-SHBat Copenhagen; stored.
02/12/1993OY-SHBat Copenhagen; stored.
01/02/1994OY-SHBat Copenhagen; stored.
01/06/1994OY-SHBbt SLP Nr.10.929 A/S, Copenhagen.
04/06/1994OY-SHBferried Copenhagen-Bangor-Dallas/Love Field.
05/07/1994OY-SHBregistration cancelled.
05/07/1994VR-CAUlt Diamond Aviation International; for use as an executive aircraft.
27/07/1994VR-CAUat Dallas/Love Field in all metallic c/s without registration.
03/05/1995VR-CAUat Paris/Le Bourget in purple/beige c/s.
10/05/1997VR-CAUferried London/Heathrow-Manchester; for maintenance with Monarch Airlines.
16/05/1997VR-CAUbt Intec Leasing Inc.; opb Diamond Aviation International on lease.
20/05/1997VP-CAUDiamond Aviation International; re-rgd.
12/10/1997VP-CAUat London/Luton; performing air tests.
18/11/1997VP-CAUferried London/Luton-Manchester.
01/12/1997VP-CAUferried Manchester-London/Luton.
21/01/1998VP-CAUferried London/Luton-Los Angeles.
13/03/1998VP-CAUat Los Angeles.
28/04/1998VP-CAUbt Diamond Aviation International Ltd.
28/04/1998N770BBbt Yucaipa Companies LLC.
29/04/1998N770BBrgd to Yucaipa Companies LLC, Oklahoma City, OK.
18/07/2005N770BBarr Goodyear; for installation of blended winglets.
11/08/2005N770BBferried Goodyear-Phoenix-Olbia with blended winglets.
19/03/2007N770BBat Newark/EWR in new c/s (repainted after 23/08/2006).
11/04/2019N770BBat Zurich/ZRH in new c/s (repainted after 07/01/2019).
Marcel van Noordenne

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