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Line number0371
Type2J4 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAA3410
25/04/1991OY-SHAroll out.
21/05/1991OY-SHAfirst flight.
07/06/1991OY-SHAdel Sterling Airways.
22/09/1993OY-SHASterling Airways suspended operations and filed for bankruptcy.
00/09/1993OY-SHArepossessed by Baltica Bank & Unibank.
00/09/1993OY-SHAat Copenhagen; stored.
02/12/1993OY-SHAat Copenhagen; stored.
01/02/1994OY-SHAat Copenhagen; stored.
06/07/1994OY-SHAregistration cancelled.
06/07/1994XA-SPGbt Lonella Ltd.
06/07/1994XA-SPGlt Taesa in basic Sterling Airways c/s.
00/08/1994XA-SPGat Mexico in full Taesa c/s with 'Taesa" titles on tail.
01/02/1995XA-SPGret Lonella Ltd.
21/02/1995XA-SPGat Dallas/Love Field.
00/02/1995N115FSrgd to First Security Bank of Utah.
31/03/1995N115FSbt Vulcan Northwest.
04/05/1995N115FSat Dallas/Love Field; undergoing maintenance in Associated hangar.
25/05/1995N115FSat Dallas/Love Field in all metallic c/s with tail in primer c/s.
14/02/1996N115FSconversion to VIP configuration completed.
30/03/1996N115FSat London/Luton (opb Elan Express).
01/04/1996N115FSat Amsterdam (opb Vulcan Northwest).
01/07/1996N757AFVulcan Northwest Inc.; re-rgd.
30/09/1996N757AFbt Citicorp USA Inc.; opb Vulcan Northwest on lease.
01/10/1996N757AFrgd to Citicorp USA Inc., Foster City, CA.
01/07/1998N757AFbt Citicorp North America Inc.; opb Vulcan Northwest on lease.
02/07/1998N757AFrgd to Citicorp North America Inc., Harrison, NY.
16/10/1999N757AFat Tucson; parked on South ramp.
31/10/2003N757AFbt Vulcan Northwest Inc.
12/12/2003N757AFrgd to Vulcan Northwest Inc., Seattle, WA.
25/08/2010N757AFbt & rgd to DJT Operations I LLC, Dover, DE; opb Tag Air for Donald Trump.
00/00/2010N757AFarr Brunswick, GA; for installation of blended winglets.
01/06/2011N757AFferried Brunswick-New York/La Guardia in full Trump c/s with "Trump" titles.
03/06/2011N757AFentered service: New York/La Guardia-Washington/IAD.
Marcel van Noordenne

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