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Line number0368
Type208 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CC2A2
21/04/1991TF-FIJroll out.
09/05/1991TF-FIJfirst flight.
00/05/1991TF-FIJIcelandair - not taken up.
23/05/1991G-BTEJdel Icelandair.
23/05/1991G-BTEJlt Britannia Airways; named "David Livingstone".
24/05/1991G-BTEJferried Boeing Field-London/Luton.
07/06/1991G-BTEJfirst service: Glasgow-Palma.
08/05/1993G-BTEJlast service: Paphos-Manchester.
09/05/1993G-BTEJferried Manchester-Southend.
16/05/1993G-BTEJferried Southend-Manchester in full Icelandair c/s.
26/05/1993G-BTEJregistration cancelled.
26/05/1993TF-FIJret Icelandair.
30/05/1993TF-FIJat London/Heathrow; named "Svandis".
28/12/2001TF-FIJat Glasgow in 1999 Icelandair c/s (repainted after 06/10/2001).
24/06/2005TF-FIJrgd to Siglo FIJ Limited, Grand Cayman.
00/11/2005TF-FIJarr Greensboro; for installation of blended winglets.
17/12/2005TF-FIJferried Greensboro-Keflavik with blended winglets (arrived 18/12/2005).
00/00/2008TF-FIJsub-lt Santa Barbara Airlines.
30/12/2008TF-FIJret Icelandair; ferried Miami-Keflavik.
10/05/2009TF-FIJat Amsterdam; named "Surtsey".
13/10/2009TF-FIJsub-lt Kabo Air; ferried Keflavik-Kano (wet lease).
18/02/2010TF-FIJret Icelandair; ferried Kano-Keflavik.
04/11/2018TF-FIJferried Keflavik/KEF-Sal/SID as ICE8922; for lease to Cabo Verde Airlines.
06/11/2018TF-FIJin service: Sal/SID-Lisbon/LIS as TCV602.
30/05/2019TF-FIJlast service: Praia/RAI-Boston/BOS as TCV690; ret Icelandair; ferried Boston/BOS-Keflavik/KEF as ICE8832 (arrived 31/05/2019).
26/06/2019TF-FIJferried Keflavik/KEF-Lisbon/LIS-Praia/RAI as ICE8922 (arrived 27/06/2019; for lease to Cabo Verde Airlines.
28/06/2019TF-FIJin service: Praia/RAI-Boston/BOS as TCV690.
17/03/2020TF-FIJret Icelandair; ferried Sal/SID-Tenerife/TFS as ICE____; last service: Tenerife/TFS -Keflavik/KEF as ICE1515; parked/stored.
00/00/2020TF-FIJfor part out and scrapping at Kevlavik/KEF.
00/00/2020 ?TF-FIJregistration cancelled.
00/00/2021 ?TF-FIJscrapping completed.
Marcel van Noordenne

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