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Line number0363
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD2B61
00/00/1991PH-TKYTransavia Airlines - not taken up.
22/03/1991G-BPEDroll out.
16/04/1991G-BPEDfirst flight.
30/04/1991G-BPEDdel British Airways; named "Blair Castle".
01/05/1991G-BPEDarr London/Heathrow as BA9668P on ferry flight from U.S.A.
11/05/1991G-BPEDfirst service: London/Heathrow-Manchester.
23/07/1997G-BPEDat Manchester in new British Airways c/s with 'Cockerel of Lowicz' tail c/s.
30/01/2004G-BPEDlast service with 'Cockerel of Lowicz' tail c/s: Lyon-London/Heathrow as BA349.
00/02/2004G-BPEDat London/Heathrow; repainted with 'Union Flag' tail c/s.
08/02/2004G-BPEDin service: London/Heathrow-Helsinki as BA794.
13/09/2009G-BPEDlast service: Madrid-London/Heathrow as BA461.
16/09/2009G-BPEDr/o at London/Heathrow in basic British Airways c/s without titles and tail logo.
24/02/2010G-BPEDat London/Heathrow in basic British Airways c/s; stored.
14/06/2010G-BPEDferried London/Heathrow-London/Gatwick as BA9225P.
28/07/2010G-BPEDregistration N948FD applied on aircraft.
13/08/2010G-BPEDregistration cancelled.
13/08/2010N948FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
17/08/2010N948FDferried London/Gatwick-Bangor-Victorville as FDX9085 in basic British Airways c/s (arrived 18/08/2010).
10/12/2010N948FDferried Victorville-Anchorage-Sapporo-Tokyo/Narita-Clark International-Singapore/Seletar as FDX9089 (arrived 12/12/2010).
27/12/2010N948FDat Singapore/Seletar; start of conversion to freighter.
16/06/2011N948FDat Singapore/Seletar; conversion to freighter completed.
10/08/2013N948FDat Denver; named "Anissa".
Marcel van Noordenne

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