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Line number0362
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAC972C
19/03/1991G-BSNBroll out.
00/00/1991G-BSNBAir Europe - not taken up.
00/00/1991EC-668Electra Aviation - not taken up because lease to Air Europa fell through).
11/04/1991N5002Kfirst flight.
00/11/1991N3502PBoeing; re-rgd.
04/12/1991N3502Pdel Electra Aviation.
04/12/1991XA-MMXbt GPA Group.
04/12/1991XA-MMXlt Taesa; named "Don Catarino".
00/01/1992XA-MMXat Mexico City in all white c/s with "Taesa" titles and tail logo.
27/06/1993XA-MMXat Cologne with yellow tail c/s.
00/04/1994XA-MMXopf Dominicana; for flights to New York/JFK.
20/05/1995XA-MMXret GPA Group.
23/06/1995XA-MMXat Phoenix in white fuselage c/s without titles.
11/07/1995EI-CMACarotene Ltd.; re-rgd.
00/07/1995EI-CMAAvianca - lease not taken up.
09/09/1995EI-CMAat Phoenix in basic Taesa c/s; still wearing registration XA-MMX.
15/10/1995EI-CMAat Phoenix in basic Taesa c/s; stored.
00/11/1995EI-CMAat Phoenix; painted pale yellow early November.
24/11/1995N100FStfd to General Electric Capital Aviation Services (GECAS).
02/12/1995N100FSat Phoenix in pale yellow c/s with blue strip above windows and "Transwede" titles.
05/12/1995N100FSregistration cancelled.
05/12/1995SE-DUKlt Transwede; named "Arne Anka".
06/12/1995SE-DUKferried Phoenix-London/Heathrow (arrived 07/12/1995); for maintenance.
12/12/1995SE-DUKrgd to First Security Bank of Utah.
05/12/1996SE-DUKairline renamed Blue Scandinavia.
00/05/1997SE-DUKbt Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management; opb Blue Scandinavia on lease.
01/01/1998SE-DUKairline renamed Britannia Airways AB.
17/11/2001SE-DUKferried London/Luton-Manchester as BAL880F; for winter storage.
28/01/2002SE-DUKferried Manchester-London/Luton as BAL890F; after storage.
22/03/2002SE-DUKret to lessor; ferried London/Luton-Maastricht/Aachen.
28/03/2002SE-DUKferried Maastricht/Aachen-London/Luton a BAL971F in all white c/s; for storage.
23/05/2002SE-DUKat London/Luton in all white c/s without titles; stored.
13/08/2002SE-DUKferried London/Luton-Manchester as BAL971F; for continued storage.
09/10/2002SE-DUKregistration cancelled.
09/10/2002G-OOOKlt Air 2000.
12/10/2002G-OOOKat Manchester; inside hangar.
23/10/2002G-OOOKferried Manchester-Norwich as AMM757M; for repaint.
28/10/2002G-OOOKferried Norwich-Manchester as AMM757M in full new Air 2000 c/s.
05/11/2002G-OOOKin service: Manchester-Alicante as AMM490C.
13/01/2004G-OOOKairline renamed First Choice Airways.
06/03/2004G-OOOKat Salzburg with "First Choice" titles.
16/12/2004G-OOOKregistration cancelled.
16/12/2004C-FLOKsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines; ferried Manchester-Montreal as SSV793.
17/02/2005C-FLOKat Toronto in basic First Choice Airways c/s with "Skyservice" titles.
30/05/2005C-FLOKferried Toronto-Manchester as SSV392F (arrived 31/05/2005).
01/04/2005C-FLOKregistration cancelled.
01/04/2005G-OOOKret & rgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
25/11/2005G-OOOKregistration cancelled.
25/11/2005C-FLOKsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.; ferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV389F.
23/03/2006C-FLOKferried Toronto-Manchester as SSV370 in basic First Choice Airways c/s with "Skyservice" and "Signature Vacations" titles (arrived 24/03/2006).
30/03/2006C-FLOKregistration cancelled.
31/03/2006G-OOOKret & rgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
05/01/2007G-OOOKregistration cancelled.
05/01/2007C-FLOKsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines.
07/01/2007C-FLOKferried Manchester-? as SSV290.
30/04/2007C-FLOKferried Toronto-Manchester as SSV591F (arrived 01/05/2007).
04/05/2007C-FLOKregistration cancelled.
04/05/2007G-OOOKret & rgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
14/04/2008G-OOOKlast service: Funchal-Glasgow as FCA463D; ferried Glasgow-Manchester as FCA757P.
01/05/2008G-OOOKret to lessor.
01/05/2008G-OOOKregistration cancelled.
01/05/2008N910FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
02/05/2008N910FDferried Manchester-Bangor-Memphis as FDX9087 (arrived 04/05/2008).
31/05/2009N910FDconversion to freighter completed.
12/04/2014N910FDat Amsterdam/AMS; named "Jiatian".
Marcel van Noordenne

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