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Line number0358
Type236 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA262E0
01/03/1991G-BSNAroll out.
15/03/1991G-BSNAat Renton in full Air Europe c/s with "Air Europ" titles.
00/00/1991G-BSNAAir Europe - not taken up.
27/03/1991EC-667first flight.
11/04/1991EC-667del Aries Leasing.
11/04/1991EC-667lt Air Europa.
12/04/1991EC-667ferried Boeing Field-London/Gatwick-Palma as AEA001/002C.
10/07/1991EC-FEEAir Europa; re-rgd.
16/05/1995EC-FEEat Salzburg; named "Catalunya".
21/06/1998EC-FEEbt CIT Leasing Corporation (from KG Aircraft Leasing); opb Air Europa on lease.
00/10/1998EC-FEEsub-lt Iberia in full Iberia c/s.
31/10/2001EC-FEEret Air Europa.
01/11/2001EC-FEEat Madrid; parked.
10/01/2002EC-FEEat Madrid in all white c/s without titles; stored.
08/11/2002EC-FEEferried Madrid-Greensboro as AEA002.
14/11/2002N253CTret CIT Leasing Corporation.
18/11/2002N253CTrgd to CIT Leasing Corporation, New York, NY.
11/07/2003N253CTregistration cancelled.
11/07/2003C-GMYHlt HMY Airways.
14/07/2003C-GMYHrgd to HMY Airways Inc., Vancouver, BC.
00/03/2004C-GMYHret CIT Leasing Corporation.
00/06/2004C-GMYHlt Skyservice Airlines.
15/06/2004C-GMYHat Dublin in all white c/s with red "Skyservice" titles.
16/06/2004C-GMYHrgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
27/06/2004C-GMYHat London/Gatwick in white c/s with red "Skyservice" titles.
30/09/2004C-GMYHat Toronto in orange/white Sunwing c/s with red "Skyservice" titles, extra blue/yellow "Sunwing" titles on tail and engine cowlings, blue/yellow "" titles on aft fuselage (repainted after 18/09/2004).
25/09/2005C-GMYHferried Toronto-Tucson-Marana as SSV290F; for maintenance.
22/10/2005C-GMYHferried Marana-Toronto as SSV291 in all White c/s with red "Skyservice" titles.
03/12/2005C-GMYHat Toronto in white fuselage c/s with red "Skyservice" titles, orange tail c/s with "Sunwing" titles (repainted after 29/10/2005).
07/04/2007C-GMYHat Toronto in 2007 Skyservice Airlines c/s.
04/11/2007C-GMYHat Willemstad with blended winglets (installed after 17/07/2007).
28/03/2010C-GMYHlast service: Aruba-Toronto as SSV507 (arrived 29/03/2010).
31/03/2010C-GMYHSkyservice Airlines stopped operations due to financial difficulties.
29/04/2010C-GMYHferried Toronto-Jacksonville/VQQ; for storage.
10/05/2010C-GMYHregistration cancelled.
11/05/2010N253CLrgd to CIT Leasing Corporation.
15/05/2010N253CLferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Marana; for storage.
18/07/2010N253CLat Marana in all white c/s; stored.
30/08/2010N253CLbt Federal Express Corporation; to be used for parts.
01/09/2010N253CLferried Marana-Victorville as FDX9051.
09/09/2010N253CLrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
24/12/2010N253CLat Victorville in all white c/s without engines; stored.
19/07/2011N253CLat Victorville; 'gutted'.
05/08/2011N253CLat Victorville; totally 'gutted' but still having landing gear.
08/11/2011N253CLat Victorville; totally 'gutted' but still having landing gear.
19/05/2012N253CLat Victorville.
09/10/2012N253CLat Victorville; missing many parts.
09/11/2013N253CLat Victorville in all white c/s; withdrawn from use; missing many parts.
21/06/2014N253CLat Victorville; totally 'gutted' but still having landing gear.
21/08/2014N253CLat Victorville; totally 'gutted' but still having landing gear.
11/05/2015N253CLat Victorville/VCV in all white c/s; all usable parts removed; still standing on landing gear; wearing fictitious registration N100FE.
00/00/2016 ?N253CLscrapping completed.
23/10/2018N253CLregistration cancelled.
Marcel van Noordenne

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