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Line number0369
Type2Q8 W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode SAE4AE6
17/04/1991CC-CYGroll out.
13/05/1991CC-CYGfirst flight.
28/05/1991CC-CYGdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
28/05/1991CC-CYGlt Ladeco.
20/05/1996CC-CYGret International Lease Finance Corporation.
27/05/1996B-27001lt Far Eastern Air Transport.
04/07/1996B-27001at Taipei in full Far Eastern Air Transport c/s.
31/03/1997B-27001at Taipei with large 'Taiwan Major League' logo and titles on aft fuselage.
00/00/0000B-27001large 'Taiwan Major League' logo and titles removed.
20/01/2001B-27001at Taiwan in full Far Eastern Air Transport c/s.
26/05/2006N440ANret to lessor; rgd to MSA V, New York, NY.
28/05/2006N440ANat Taipei in all white c/s (repainted after 20/08/2005).
29/05/2006N440ANat Honolulu on ferry flight from Taipei via Saipan onwards to Great Falls.
31/05/2006N440ANbt L-3 Communications Advanced Aviation LLC; ferried Great Falls-Greenville, TX.
18/07/2006N440ANrgd to L-3 Communications Advanced Aviation LLC, Helena, MT.
04/12/2009N440ANat Kansas City in all metallic c/s with blended winglets.
22/04/2010N440ANat Greenville, TX; performing local test flight.
24/08/2010N440ANbt United States Air Force.
24/04/2012N440ANregistration cancelled.
00/04/201209-0015United States Air Force; re-rgd.
30/05/201309-0015at Milwaukee in full white and blue United States Air Force c/s.
Marcel van Noordenne

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