Line number0335
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA8B848
13/11/1990N661DNroll out.
12/12/1990N661DNfirst flight.
23/12/1990N661DNdel Delta Air Lines; '661'.
27/12/1990N661DNbt Philip Morris Capital Corporation; opb Delta Air Lines on lease.
27/12/1990N661DNrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
30/09/2002N661DNat New York/La Guardia in 2002 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles (repainted after 00/07/2001).
03/11/2009N661DNferried Atlanta-Marana as DAL9922; for storage.
00/00/2010N661DNdep Marana after storage.
01/06/2010N661DNin service.
07/06/2010N661DNat Miami with blended winglets.
27/07/2010N661DNat Atlanta in 2007 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles (repainted after 07/06/2010); also wearing a large 'Dali' mustache on nose with "High museum of Art presents Dali - Aug 7 - Jan 9" titles between cockpit and front door.
15/02/2011N661DNat Tampa; no longer wearing Dali titles and mustache.
14/12/2011N661DNrgd to Delta Air Lines Inc.
28/05/2016N661DNferried Atlanta-Jacksonville/VQQ as DAL9933; for refurbishment (F72) for NBA charters.
11/08/2016N661DNferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Charlotte as DAL9979; after reconfiguration and refurbishment for NBA charters (F72); blended winglets removed.
15/08/2016N661DNrgd to Bank of Utah.
12/03/2020N661DNlast service: White Plains/HPN-Atlanta/ATL as DAL8848.
18/03/2020N661DNferried Atlanta/ATL-Birmingham/BHM as DAL9936; for parking because of COVID-19 pandemic.
31/07/2020N661DNferried Birmingham/BHM-Minneapolis/MSP as DAL9966; for maintenance?
07/10/2020N661DNferried Minneapolis/MSP-Birmingham/BHM as DAL9960; for parking/storage.
05/12/2020N661DNferried Birmingham/BHM-Memphis/MEM as DAL8839; after storage.

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