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Line number0340
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S440BBE
06/12/1990N5002Kroll out.
11/01/1991N5002Kfirst flight.
22/01/1991N5002Kat Renton in all white c/s without titles; stored.
27/03/1991N5002Kat Renton; stored.
29/08/1991G-OBOZdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation services.
29/08/1991G-OBOZlt Anglo Cargo.
30/08/1991G-OBOZarr London/Luton as ANC757 in all white c/s.
17/09/1991G-OBOZat Ostend; operating first flight.
15/01/1992G-OBOZret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
02/02/1992G-OBOZlt Challenge Air Cargo; ferried London/Luton-Bangor-Miami as CWC757.
19/03/1992G-OBOZat Miami; in service.
01/04/1992G-OBOZat Miami in full Challenge Air cargo c/s; named "Spirit of the Caribbean".
08/09/1992G-OBOZregistration cancelled.
08/09/1992N573CArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
10/01/2000N573CAferried Miami-Brussels in all white c/s without titles (arrived 11/01/2000).
11/01/2000N573CAret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
11/01/2000N573CAbt European Air Transport.
13/01/2000N573CAregistration cancelled.
14/01/2000OO-DLJrgd to European Air Transport N.V.
17/01/2000OO-DLJat Brussels in red & white DHL c/s.
05/09/2004OO-DLJat Brussels in red/yellow DHL c/s (repainted after 03/06/2004); wearing extra "F1 Official Logistics" titles.
26/03/2010D-ALEJrgd to EAT Leipzig GmbH.
23/05/2016D-ALEJregistration cancelled.
23/05/2016G-DHKXrgd to DHL Air, Diegem, Belgium.
25/05/2016G-DHKXin service: Leipzig-Nantes as DHK1506.
08/01/2019G-DHKXferried East Midlands/EMA-Bangor/BGR-Jacksonville/VQQ as DHK20; for ?
25/04/2019G-DHKXperformed a local test flight at Jacksonville/VQQ as DHK6Z; after repairs/maintenance.
22/05/2019G-DHKXferried Jacksonville/VQQ-East Midlands/EMA as DHK20D (arrived 23/05/2019).
04/01/2022G-DHKXregistration cancelled.
00/01/2022OE-LNArgd to DHL Air Austria.
Marcel van Noordenne

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