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Line number0438
Type2Q8 F
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode SADDE49
17/02/1992N755ATroll out.
10/03/1992N755ATfirst flight.
24/03/1992N755ATdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
24/03/1992N755ATlt American Trans Air.
31/03/1992N755ATrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
01/12/1996N755ATret International Lease Finance Corporation.
14/12/1996N755ATlt Mexicana.
19/12/1996N755ATin service:
28/12/1996N755ATat San Francisco in full Mexicana c/s.
01/03/1997N755ATat Cancun; named "Vamos por mas".
11/04/1997N758MXMexicana; re-rgd.
02/09/1999N758MXrgd to MSA V, Los Angeles, CA.
00/05/2005N758MXret to lessor.
27/05/2005N758MXregistration cancelled.
29/05/2005SP-FVPlt Fischer Air Polska; ferried Gander-Warsaw in full Fischer Air Polska c/s.
00/10/2006SP-FVPlease cancelled by AWAS.
18/10/2006N956AWMSA V; re-rgd.
25/10/2006N956AWferried Warsaw-Istanbul.
10/01/2007N956AWat Hamburg in white c/s with a green and red stripe going over the tail, "Euro Mediterranean" titles on fuselage and small "Air Italy Group" titles on engine cowlings.
11/02/2007N956AWferried Hamburg-Cairo.
20/02/2007N956AWregistration cancelled.
00/02/2007SU-BPYlt Euro Mediterranean.
22/04/2007SU-BPYin service: Sharm el Sheikh-Milan.
00/00/2008SU-BPYcompany renamed Air Italy Egypt.
00/05/2008SU-BPYsub-lt Air Italy Polska.
00/00/2008SU-BPYret Air Italy Egypt.
00/11/2009SU-PBYret to lessor.
19/11/2009N993FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
22/11/2009N993FDferried Chateauroux-Shannon-Bangor-Victorville as FDX8089 (arrived 23/11/2009).
23/02/2010N993FDat Victorville; stored.
02/03/2010N993FDferried Victorville-Mobile as FDX9902.
16/08/2010N993FDplanned start of conversion to freighter at Mobile.
25/01/2011N993FDplanned completion of conversion to freighter at Mobile.
24/01/2011N993FDat Mobile; conversion to freighter completed by ST Aero.
10/11/2014N993FDat Ontario; named "Jasmine".
Marcel van Noordenne

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