Line number0424
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode S5152EF
ConfigurationY215 ?
18/12/1991N754ATroll out.
23/01/1992N754ATfirst flight.
05/02/1992N754ATdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
05/02/1992N754ATlt American Trans Air.
00/12/1995N754ATrgd to ILFC Dover Inc., Los Angeles, CA.
01/12/1996N754ATret International Lease Finance Corporation.
10/12/1996N754ATlt Mexicana.
11/12/1996N754ATin service:
17/12/1996N754ATat Mexico City in full Mexicana c/s; named "No que no ...?".
11/04/1997N755MXMexicana; re-rgd.
07/01/1998N755MXrgd to First Security Bank of Utah.
22/06/2001N755MXat San Jose with '80 Aniversarios' sticker (applied after 00/04/2001).
26/01/2002N755MXat Vancouver without '80 Aniversarios' sticker.
07/04/2005N755MXferried Mexico City-Tucson-Goodyear in all white c/s.
08/04/2005N755MXret to lessor.
08/04/2005N755MXbt International Lease Finance Corporation.
11/04/2005N755MXrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation; ferried Goodyear-Abbotsford.
19/05/2005N926JSregistration reserved.
10/06/2005N755MXlt EOS Airlines.
13/09/2005N926JSferried Roswell-New York/JFK in full EOS Airlines c/s.
18/10/2005N926JSin service: New York/JFK-London/Stansted as EO002 (arrived 19/10/2005).
27/04/2008N926JSEOS Airlines stopped operations.
11/06/2008N926JSat Atlanta in full EOS Airlines c/s; parked.
27/09/2008N926JSat Atlanta in full Tajik Air c/s.
10/11/2008N926JSferried Atlanta-Keflavik-Dushanbe (arrived 11/11/2008).
13/11/2008N926JSregistration cancelled.
13/11/2008EY-751lt Tajik Air.
25/09/2016EY-751at Dushanbe/DYE in all white c/s with "Tajik Air" titles and tail logo (repainted after 03/10/2015).
11/06/2018EY-751ferried Dushanbe/DYE-Mary/MYP-Shannon as TJK3193; ferried Shannon-Portsmouth/MVP-Tampa/TPA (arrived 13/06/2018); for maintenance?
04/08/2018EY-751ferried Tampa/TPA-Goose Bay/YYR-Riga/RIX-Dushanbe/DYU as TJK3194 (arrived 05/08/2018); after?
31/12/2018EY-751stored at Dushanbe/DYU.
26/08/2019EY-751ferried Dushanbe/DYU-Tashkent/TAS as TJK3191; after storage.
29/12/2019EY-751ferried Tashkent/TAS-Taraz/DMB-Dushanbe/DYU as TJK3191; prior to return to service.
31/08/2020EY-751last service: Moscow/DME-Dushanbe/DYU as TJK628; stored.

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