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Line number0332
Type23A W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAA3445
31/10/19905Y-BHFroll out.
29/11/19905Y-BHFfirst flight.
00/00/19905Y-BHFAnsett Worldwide Aviation Services - not taken up.
00/00/19905Y-BHFKenya Airways - not taken up.
00/12/19905Y-BHFat Boeing Field in full Kenya Airways c/s; stored.
22/01/19915Y-BHFat Boeing Field in full Kenya Airways c/s; stored.
00/00/1991N5573BBoeing; re-rgd.
00/00/1991N5573Bferried Boeing Field-Las Vegas; for storage.
29/05/1991N680EMat Las Vegas; stored.
30/05/1991N680EMdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
30/05/1991N680EMbt Freeport McMoran Inc.
00/08/1991N680FMFreeport McMoran; re-rgd.
01/07/1997N680FMrgd to FM Services Aviation LLC, New Orleans, LA.
29/12/1997N680FMrgd to First Security Bank of Utah.
22/04/1999N680FMbt Vulcan Northwest Imnc.
26/04/1999N680FMrgd to Vulcan Northwest Inc., Bellevue, WA.
04/08/1999N756AFVulcan Northwest; re-rgd.
20/12/2003N756AFbt Vulcan Aircraft Inc., Seattle, WA.
08/01/2004N756AFrgd to Vulcan Aircraft Inc., Seattle, WA.
29/01/2006N756AFat Seattle with "Seattle Seahawks" titles and tail logo (applied 00/01/2006).
27/02/2006N756AFat Xiamen without "Seattle Seahawks" titles and tail logo.
08/06/2006N756AFat Seattle with 'Seattle Mariners' logo on tail (applied after 27/04/2006).
00/10/2006N756AFat Seattle with 'Seatle Seahawks' logo on tail.
21/06/2007N756AFbt Bank of Utah; opb Vulcan Northwest on lease.
09/07/2007N756AFrgd to Bank of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
13/07/2007N1757registration reserved.
00/07/2007N756AFat Kansas City without engines; for installation of blended winglets.
06/08/2007N1757Bank of Utah; re-rgd (aircraft to be operated for Google).
17/10/2007N1757at Kansas City; still awaiting installation of blended winglets.
04/12/2007N1757ferried Kansas City-Moffett Field with blended winglets.
30/01/2014N388TFregistration reserved by Bank of Utah.
11/07/2014N1757registration cancelled.
11/07/2014VQ-BTFbt Jet Develop (Bermuda) Ltd (aircraft to be opf Aquis).
06/10/2014VQ-BTFferried Brisbane-Alice Springs; for ?
28/10/2014VQ-BTFat Brisbane; in service.
26/11/2014VQ-BTFferried Alice Springs-Brisbane; for maintenance.
06/01/2015VQ-BTFat Brisbane; in service.
15/04/2015VQ-BTFat Honolulu.
00/04/2015VQ-BTFferried Honolulu-Kelowna/YLW; for storage.
20/04/2015VQ-BTFat Kelowna.
30/06/2016VQ-BTFperformed a local test flight at Kelowna.
03/11/2017VQ-BTFferried Kelowna/YLW-Hamilton/YHM; for maintenance.
07/12/2018N757CJrgd to Bank of Utah.
00/00/2020N757CJferried Hamilton/YHM-Brunswick/BQK.
04/06/2021N757CJat Brunswick/BQK; parked.
03/08/2021N757CJferried Brunswick/BQK-Spokane/GEG as ELX757.
28/08/2021N757CJferried Spokane/GEG-Brunswick/BQK under registration in all white c/s.
25/06/2022N757CJferried Brunswick/BQK-Hamilton/YHM as ELX757 in all white c/s.
17/05/2023N757CJperformed a local test flight at Hamilton/YHM as ELX77 in all white c/s.
00/00/2022C-for Cargojet Airways.
Marcel van Noordenne

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