Line number0314
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S34664E
15/08/1990N572CAroll out.
11/09/1990N572CAfirst flight.
24/09/1990N572CAdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
24/09/1990N572CAlt Challenge Air Cargo.
24/09/1990N572CArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
09/04/1999N572CAat Dallas/Fort Worth; named "Spirit of the Americas".
00/00/1999N572CAret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
00/11/1999N572CAat Miami in all white c/s without titles (repainted after 00/09/1999).
13/03/2000N572CAregistration cancelled.
14/03/2000VH-BRNbt Nordstress Australia Pty Ltd., Redfurn, NSW, Australia.
15/03/2000VH-BRNrgd to Nordstress Australia Pty Ltd., Redfurn, NSW, Australia.
15/03/2000VH-BRNferried Miami-Brussels as NDS973, but diverted to London/Luton due to technical problems.
16/03/2000VH-BRNlt DHL International in full DHL c/s; ferried London/Luton-Bahrein as DHX604.
25/04/2002VH-BRNlast service: Bahrein-Brussels.
25/04/2002VH-BRNret Nordstress Australia Pty Ltd.; ferried Brussels-Chateauroux.
04/05/2002VH-BRNferried Chateauroux-London/Luton in full Cameroon Airlines c/s.
21/05/2002VH-BRNregistration cancelled.
21/05/2002TJ-CAFlt Cameroon Airlines; dep London/Luton.
01/07/2003TJ-CAFret Nordstress Australia Pty Ltd.
03/07/2003N868ANrgd to AWMS I, New York, NY.
05/07/2003N868ANferried Paris/Le Bourget-Keflavik.
14/11/2003N868ANregistration cancelled.
14/11/2003TF-FITlt Icelandair in all white c/s with "Icelandair Cargo" titles.
15/11/2003TF-FITrgd to AWMS I, New York, NY.
00/01/2004TF-FITsub-lt TNT Airways.
28/01/2004TF-FITat Orebro in all white c/s with "TNT" titles on fuselage and "TNT, aTPG Company" titles on tail.
01/06/2004TF-FITret Icelandair.
01/06/2004N868ANret AWMS I, New York, NY.
03/06/2004N868ANrgd to AWMS I, New York, NY.
00/06/2004N868ANlt Far Eastern Air Transport.
05/06/2004N868ANat Taipei in all white c/s with "TNT" titles on left side only.
29/06/2004N868ANat Taipei in modified red/white Far Eastern Air Transport c/s with extra "Cargo" titles and "Pacific Airlines" titles on aft fuselage.
30/06/2004N868ANregistration cancelled.
30/06/2004B-27201Far Eastern Air Transport; re-rgd.
20/02/2006B-27201at Taipei in full Far Eastern Air Transport c/s; opf Pacific East Asia Cargo.
13/05/2008B-27201Far Eastern Air Transport ceased operations.
04/06/2008N868ANrgd to AWMS I, New York, NY.
26/07/2008N868ANferried Taipei-Sapporo-Anchorage-Lake City.
08/06/2009N868ANlt Arrow Cargo; ferried Lake City-Miami as APW868.
30/10/2009N868ANferried Miami-Marana; ret to lessor.
25/06/2010N868ANferried Marana-Mexico City in all white c/s.
00/00/2010PR-LGMregistration reserved by VarigLog - not taken up.
13/10/2010PR-IOEregistration reserved by RIO Linhas Aereas.
00/00/2010PR-IOElease to RIO Linhas Aereas - not taken up.
20/04/2011N868ANregistration cancelled.
03/05/2011VQ-BOXlt Yakutia Cargo; ferried Mexico City-Keflavik-Yakutsk as SYL9940 (arrived 04/05/2011).
00/07/2012VQ-BOXarr Lasham; for maintenance.
24/07/2012VQ-BOXferried Lasham-Norwich; for repaint.
10/10/2014VQ-BOXferried Moscow/Vnukovo-St. Sthan as SYL9907; for repairs after tail strike damage.
00/00/2015VQ-BOXret to lessor.
06/04/2015VQ-BOXferries St. Athan-Rome/Fiumicino; for repaint.
14/04/2015VQ-BOXat Rome/Fiumicino in full TNT Airways c/s wearing registration OE-LFB
15/04/2015VQ-BOXferried Rome/Fiumicino-Brussels as SYL123.
27/04/2015OE-LFBlt TNT Airways.
00/05/2015OE-LFBrgd to TNT Airways S.A.
25/05/2015OE-LFBferried Brussels-Liege.
00/00/2016OE-LFBcompany renamed ASL Airlines Belgium.
04/08/2018OE-LFBferried Marseille/MRS-Norwich/NWI as TAY971E; for repaint.
15/08/2018OE-LFBr/o at Norwich in full ASL Airlines c/s.
16/08/2018OE-LFBferried Norwich/NWI-Hahn/HHN as TAY971E; after repaint.
30/09/2020OE-LFBlast service: Konya/KYA-Geilenkirchen/GKE as TAY5078; ferried Geilenkirchen/GKE-Budapest/BUD as TAY971E.
00/03/2021OE-LFBregistration cancelled.
23/04/2021LZ-BRBat Budapest/BUD in ASL Airlines Belgium c/s without titles.
25/05/2021LZ-BRBferried Budapest/BUD-Madrid/MAD in ASL Airlines Belgium c/s without titles; for Swiftair.
00/06/2021EC-NQJfor Swiftair.
13/06/2021EC-NQJentered service: Madrid/MAD-Tenerife/TFS as RGN9001.
24/06/2021EC-NQJat Madrid/MAD in all white c/s with "Swift Air" titles on fuselage.

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