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Line number0300
Type260 PF
EnginesPratt @ Whitney PW2040
Mode SACC752
15/06/1990N3519Lroll out.
18/07/1990N3519Lfirst flight.
24/08/1990ET-AJSdel Ethiopian Airlines.
25/08/1990ET-AJSpassed through Frankfurt on ferry flight to Ethiopia.
06/04/1991ET-AJSat London/Heathrow with "Ethiopian Cargo" tiles.
21/04/1998ET-AJSlt DHL.
04/05/1998ET-AJSret Ethiopian Airlines.
10/11/2006ET-AJSat Brussels in 2003 Ethiopian Airlines c/s with "Ethiopian Cargo" titles and '60th anniversary' sticker (repainted after 01/10/2006).
29/11/2018ET-AJSferried Addis Ababa/ADD-Lisbon/LIS-Miami/MIA as ETH9201 (arrived 30/11/2018); for return and storage (98901 hours; 28088 hours).
19/12/2018N754CSrgd to Red River Aircraft Leasing.
17/01/2020N754CSat Miami/MIA still in Ethiopian Airlines c/s; missing both engines.
07/10/2020N754CSrgd to Aero Micronesia Inc DBA.
04/11/2020N754CSferried Miami/MIA-Kansas City/MCI.
12/02/2021N922TSferried Kansas City/MCI-Honolulu/HNL on delivery to Asia Pacific Airlines.
13/02/2021N922TSentered service: Honolulu/HNL-Guam/GUM as MGE302.
29/07/2022N922TSferried Ontario/ONT-Orlando/SFB under registration; for storage.
13/12/2022N922TSat Orlando/SFB; missing both engines.
01/02/2024N922TSat Orlando/SFB; missing both engines.
Marcel van Noordenne

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