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Line number0302
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CC26F
ConfigurationC22P24Y137 or C20P28Y138
25/06/1990PH-AHLroll out.
20/07/1990PH-AHLfirst flight.
02/08/1990PH-AHLdel Sterling Airways.
02/08/1990PH-AHLlt Air Holland.
03/08/1990PH-AHLarr Amsterdam as in primer c/s; ferried Amsterdam-Maastricht as AHD698.
10/08/1990PH-AHLferried Maastricht-Amsterdam in all white c/s with "Air Holland" titles.
04/09/1990PH-AHLbt Lufthansa Leasing GmbH & Co KG; opb Air Holland on lease.
30/09/1990PH-AHLlast service: Las Palmas-Amsterdam.
02/10/1990PH-AHLferried Amsterdam-Maastricht as AHD013; for repaint.
05/10/1990PH-AHLferried Maastricht-Amsterdam in full Condor c/s.
12/10/1990PH-AHLferried Amsterdam-Frankfurt as CFG2172
19/10/1990PH-AHLregistration cancelled.
20/10/1990D-ABNXlt Condor.
22/10/1990D-ABNXrgd to Condor Flugdienst Gesellschaft.
00/11/1996D-ABNXbt Condor.
24/10/1999D-ABNXat Frankfurt in basic Condor c/s without titles and without tail logo.
12/11/1999D-ABNXat Frankfurt.
27/01/2000D-ABNXbt Aviation Investors 757-24838 Inc.
04/02/2000D-ABNXregistration cancelled.
04/02/2000TF-FIWr/o at Frankfurt with new registration.
07/02/2000TF-FIWrgd to Aviation Investors 757-24838 Inc.; ferried Frankfurt-Eindhoven as ICE757; for repaint.
15/02/2000TF-FIWferried Eindhoven-Keflavik as ICE6001 in full Icelandair c/s.
05/04/2000TF-FIWlt Icelandair.
05/04/2000TF-FIWsub-lt Condor; at Frankfurt with additional "Holidays" titles.
00/09/2000TF-FIWret Icelandair.
00/06/2002TF-FIWsub-lt Aeromar.
27/06/2002TF-FIWat New York/JFK in full Aeromar c/s.
13/07/2002TF-FIWret Icelandair.
00/07/2002TF-FIWto be based at Thessaloniki for the summer; opf Spacelines.
16/07/2002TF-FIWat Stuttgart in full Icelandair c/s with extra "Holidays" titles below fuselage windows.
00/12/2002TF-FIWret Keflavik after being based at Thessaloniki.
06/06/2003TF-FIWsub-lt British Midland Airways.
05/07/2003TF-FIWret Icelandair.
23/12/2003TF-FIWat Amsterdam with small "Icelandair Holidays" titles.
22/02/2004TF-FIWat Copenhagen c/s with "Loftleidir Icelandic" titles and tail logo, "Holidays" titles o front fuselage and "" titles on left rear fuselage only.
14/04/2004TF-FIWat Alicante c/s with "Loftleidir Icelandic" titles and tail logo, "Holidays" titles o front fuselage and "" titles on left rear fuselage only.
01/05/2005TF-FIWsub-tl Blue Line in Icelandair c/s with "Blue Line" titles, "Holiday" titles under Front fuselage windows and Blue Line tail logo.
00/10/2005TF-FIWret Icelandair.
27/12/2005TF-FIWat Stockholm/Arlanda in basic Icelandair c/s with "Loftleidir Icelandic" titles, "Holiday" titles below front fuselage windows and without tail logo.
00/00/2006TF-FIWwet-lt Eirjet.
00/00/2006TF-FIWret Icelandair.
23/07/2006TF-FIWarr Lasham with "Loftleidir Icelandic" titles; for maintenance.
28/07/2006TF-FIWat Dublin; in service.
19/10/2006TF-FIWat Ljubljana in basic Icelandair c/s with "Loftleidir Icelandic" titles & tail logo, "Holiday" titles below front fuselage windows (tail logo applied after 14/09/2006).
20/01/2007TF-FIWferried Keflavik-Maastricht-Aachen; for repaint.
30/01/2007TF-FIWr/o at Maastricht/Aachen in full Yakutia c/s.
01/02/2007TF-FIWferried Maastricht/Aachen-Keflavik.
00/04/2007TF-FIWret to lessor.
11/04/2007VP-BFIlt Yakutia (from Aircastle Investment); ferried Keflavik-Moscow/Vnukovo.
20/04/2007VP-BFIat Yakutsk; in service.
30/10/2012VP-BFIferried Moscow/Vnukovo-Southend as SYL____; ret to lessor.
26/03/2013TF-FIWat Southend in Yakutia c/s; re-rgd.
28/03/2013TF-FIWferried Southend-Norwich as ICE5000; for repaint.
08/04/2013TF-FIWferried Norwich-Keflavik as ICE8873 in all white c/s.
14/05/2013TF-FIWsub-tl Air Niugini; ferried Keflavik-Sharjah-Manila-Port Moresby as ICE1234/PX6011 (arrived 16/05/2013).
20/05/2013TF-FIWin service: Port Moresby-Brisbane in all white c/s with "Air Niugini" titles and tail logo.
15/09/2013TF-FIWlast service: Brisbane-Port Moresby as ANG24.
16/09/2013TF-FIWret Icelandair; ferried Port Moresby-Manila (as ANG6010)-Sharjah-Keflavik (arrived 19/09/2013).
15/02/2014TF-FIWat Amsterdam in all white c/s.
08/06/2014TF-FIWat Brussels in white fuselage c/s with "Icelandair" titles, full Icalandair tail c/s including logo; named "Búrfell".
06/10/2014TF-FIWworld tour for Abercrombie & Kent: Keflavik-Miami-?-Port Moresby-Ngurah Rai-?-Keflavik-New York/JFK (arrived 31/10/2014).
03/11/2014TF-FIWferried New York/JFK-Hamilton as ICE1400; on left side in all white c/s with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and large '&' in tail; on right side in all white c/s with "Icelandair" title and tail logo.
12/02/2014TF-FIWferried Hamilton-Keflavik as ICE1400.
20/05/2014TF-FIWat Oslo; now both sides with "Icelandair" titles and Icelandair tail c/s with logo.
17/09/2015TF-FIWferried Keflavik-Miami as ICE1402 in all white c/s with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and tail logo.
11/12/2015TF-FIWferried Keflavik-London/Gatwick as ICE8870.
12/12/2015TF-FIWsub-lt Fly Salone; in service: London/Gatwick-Freetown as ICE25.
18/03/2015TF-FIWret Icelandair after Fly Salone suspended operations.
20/03/2015TF-FIWat Glasgow in all white c/s.
04/06/2016TF-FIWat London/Heathrow in full Icelandair c/s (repainted after 25/05/2016).
24/09/2016TF-FIWat Brasilia in all white c/s with large "Abercrombie & Kent" titles on fuselage and large "&" in tail (repainted after 25/08/2016).
01/06/2017TF-FIWat Frankfurt in full Icelandair c/s.
06/11/2017TF-FIWferried Miami-Praia as ICE8006 (arrived 07/11/2017); for sub lease to TACV.
07/11/2017TF-FIWin service: Praia-Providence as VR690.
19/11/2017TF-FIWat Lisbon in all white c/s with "Cabo Verde Airlines" titles and blue, red and white tail rudder c/s.
28/01/2018TF-FIWret Icelandair; ferried Praia/RAI-Miami as ICE8007; for paint and/or maintenance.
08/02/2018TF-FIWferried Miami-New York/JFK as ICE8007 in all white c/s with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and large "&" in tail.
09/02/2018TF-FIWin service: New York/JFK-Havana/HAV-Bogota/BOG-Trujillo/TRU-Papeete/PPT-Apia/APW-Sydney/SYD-Denpasar/DPS-Yangon/RGN-Ras Al Khaimah/RKT-Amman/AMM-Tel Aviv/TEL-Larnaca/LCA-Errachidia/ERH-Marrakesh/RAK-Keflavik/KEF-New York/JFK (arrived 05/03/2018 in JFK) as ICE1400; tour for Abercrombie & Kent.
05/03/2018TF-FIWferried New York/JFK-Melbourne/MLB as ICE1400.
17/03/2018TF-FIWferried Melbourne/MLB-Sal/SID as ICE8006.
00/03/2018TF-FIWsub-lt TACV Cabo Verde Airlines.
20/03/2018TF-FIWin service: Sal/SID-Paris/CDG as TCV640.
22/03/2018TF-FIWat Milan/MXP in all white c/s with "Cabo Verde Airlines" titles and Cabo Verde flag colors on tail rudder.
24/06/2018TF-FIWlast service: Salvador/SSA-Sal/SID as VR664; ret Icelandair; ferried Sal/SID-Miami/MIA as ICE8005.
06/07/2018TF-FIWferried Miami/Mia-Keflavik/KEF as ICE8188 in white fuselage c/s with black tail c/s, "Captain's Choice" titles and logo.
30/10/2018TF-FIWat Perth in all white c/s with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and large "&" in tail (repainted after 02/10/2018).
14/12/2018TF-FIWferried Opa-Locka/OPF-Lake City/LCQ as ICE1900; for?
14/01/2019TF-FIWferried Lake City/LCQ-Keflavik/KEF as ICE1909.
20/01/2019TF-FIWat Denpasar/DPS in all white c/s with "Albert Ballin" titles (German Tour operator).
06/04/2019TF-FIWferried Hamburg/HAM-Keflavik as ICE1901 in all white c/s with "Albert Ballin"titles.
12/04/2019TF-FIWin service: Keflavik/KEF-Dublin/DUB as ICE416 in white fuselage c/s with "Icelandair" titles & Icelandair tail c/s.
23/08/2019TF-FIWstarted a 20 day African trip at Hamburg/HAM as ICE1904 in all white c/s with "Albert Ballin" titles and Hapag Lloyd tail logo.
10/12/2019TF-FIWferried Keflavik/KEF-Las Palmas/LPA as TCV9998.
12/12/2019TF-FIWferried Las Palmas/LPA-Sal/SID as ICE9998; lt Cabo Verde Airlines; in service: Sal/SID-Recife/REC as TCV663.
16/01/2020TF-FIWlast service: Lisbon/LIS-Sal/SID as TCV601; ret Icelandair; ferried Sal/SID-Keflavik/KEF as ICE8921 (arrived 17/01/2020).
15/02/2020TF-FIWin service: Keflavik/KEF-Boeing Field/BFI as ICE1400 in all white c/s with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and tail logo.
11/03/2020TF-FIWferried Boston/BOS-Keflavik/KEF as ICE1400 (arrived 12/03/2020); parked/stored.
15/03/2021TF-FIWferried Keflavik/KEF-Kansas City/MCI as ICE6841; for part out and scrapping.
00/00/2021TF_FIWregistration cancelled.
00/00/2021TF-FIWscrapping completed.
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