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Line number0278
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA6A065
14/03/1990G-BRJHroll out.
09/04/1990G-BRJHfirst flight.
20/04/1990G-BRJHdel Air Europe.
21/04/1990G-BRJHarr London/Gatwick as AOE005P on ferry flight from U.S.A.
27/06/1990G-BRJHlt Air Europe SpA.
28/06/1990G-BRJHferried London/Gatwick-Rome/Ciampino as AOE001P.
14/07/1990G-BRJHarr London/Heathrow; opf PanAm as PA100!
20/07/1990G-BRJHat London/Gatwick in Air Europe c/s, but with Italian flag instead of British flag.
08/03/1991G-BRJHAir Europe ceased operations due to bankruptcy of its parent International Leisure Group.
31/03/1991G-BRJHret American Express Leasing.
01/04/1991G-BRJHferried Rome/Ciampino-London/Gatwick as AEL001.
10/04/1991G-BRJHat London/Gatwick with "Air Europa" titles and wearing registration EC-669.
11/04/1991G-BRJHregistration cancelled.
11/04/1991EC-669lt Air Europa; ferried London/Gatwick-Palma as AEA001.
10/07/1991EC-FEFAir Europa; re-rgd.
09/06/1996EC-FEFat Geneva in revised Air Europa c/s.
09/08/1997EC-FEFbt Tombo Aviation Netherlands; opb Air Europa on lease.
01/11/1997EC-FEFsub-lt Iberia (in full Iberia c/s? - no proof).
06/12/1997EC-FEFret Air Europa; arr Shannon; for repaint (or just change of titles?).
07/12/1997EC-FEFferried Shannon-Palma in full Air Europa c/s.
01/11/1998EC-FEFsub-lt Iberia in full Iberia c/s.
00/05/1999EC-FEFret Tombo Aviation Netherlands.
22/05/1999EC-HDGlt Iberia.
27/06/2000EC-HDGret Tombo Aviation Netherlands.
27/06/2000N526NAbt Aires Aircraft Leasing Ltd.
27/06/2000N526NAlt National Airlines.
28/06/2000N526NArgd to First Security Bank.
05/08/2000N526NAat Goodyear in full National Airlines c/s.
05/07/2002N526NAbt SMBC Leasing & Finance Inc.; opb National Airlines on lease (via Tombo Aviation Inc.).
06/11/2002N526NANational Airlines ceased operations.
07/11/2002N526NAret SMBC Leasing & Finance Inc.
08/11/2002N526NAferried Las Vegas-Victorville; for storage.
20/02/2003N526NAat Victorville in full National Airlines c/s; stored.
21/10/2003N526NAferried Victorville-Dallas/Fort Worth as SXA184.
18/11/2003N526NAlt Ryan International Airlines (opb Rubloff Jet Express).
23/07/2004N526NAat Nuremberg in Rubloff c/s without titles and with Rubloff tail logo.
04/08/2004N526NARubloff Aerospace Group purchased Ryan International Airlines.
19/01/2005N526NAat Montego Bay in Rubloff c/s with "Ryan" titles and Rubloff tail logo (titles applied after 08/01/2005).
16/11/2005N526NAbt Rubloff 757-MSN24794 LLC; opb Ryan International Airlines on lease.
17/11/2005N526NArgd to Rubloff 757-MSN24794 LCC, Rockford, IL.
00/12/2007N526NAsub-lt Aerosur.
04/12/2007N526NAat Miami in full Aerosur c/s (repainted after 12/10/2007).
00/00/2008N526NAret Ryan International Airlines.
24/06/2008N526NAat Greater Rockford Airport in basic Aerosur c/s without titles and without tail logo.
06/07/2008N526NAat Budabest in basic Aerosur c/s without titles and without tail logo.
27/08/2008N526NAat Budabest in basic Aerosur c/s without titles and without tail logo.
05/01/2009N526NAat Victorville; stored.
13/07/2009N526NAat Los Angeles; in service.
10/10/2010N526NAat Paderborn in full Ryan International Airlines c/s (repainted after 05/07/2010).
06/05/2011N526NAat Chicago/Rockford in full Ryan International Airlines c/s with "Ryan" titles.
16/05/2011N526NAarr Orlando/SFB?
22/11/2011N526NAat Orlando/SFB in full Ryan International Airlines c/s; stored.
18/12/2011N526NAat Orlando/SFB; stored.
28/04/2012N526NAat Orlando/SFB in full Ryan International Airlines c/s; stored.
18/05/2013N526NAat Orlando/SFB in full Ryan International Airlines c/s; stored.
19/08/2013N526NAat Orlando/SFB in full Ryan International Airlines c/s; stored.
23/08/2013N526NAbt Executive Jet Group LLC.
24/09/2013N526NArgd to Executive Jet Group LLC.
07/03/2014N526NAat Orlando/SFB; in scrapping area.
00/00/2014N526NAscrapping completed.
06/03/2018N526NAregistration cancelled.
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