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Line number0292
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S400437
11/05/1990G-BRJJroll out.
07/06/1990G-BRJJfirst flight.
20/06/1990G-BRJJdel Air Europe.
21/06/1990G-BRJJarr London/Gatwick as AOE005P on ferry flight from U.S.A.
25/06/1990EC-490lt Air Europa.
26/06/1990G-BRJJregistration cancelled.
17/08/1990G-BRJJret Air Europe; ferried Madrid-London/Gatwick as AOE001P.
30/08/1990G-BRJJbt ILG Travel Ltd.; opb Air Europe on lease.
08/03/1991G-BRJJAir Europe ceased operations due to bankruptcy of its parent International Lease Group.
15/03/1991G-BRJJrepossessed by Bankers Trust Company; stored at Manchester.
10/05/1991G-BRJJferried Manchester-London/Luton; for repaint.
16/05/1991G-OOOTlt & rgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
01/11/1997G-OOOTlast service: Izmir-Manchester.
10/11/1997G-OOOTat Manchester in basic Blue Scandinavia c/s; no registration on aircraft.
24/11/1997G-OOOTret Bankers Trust Company.
25/11/1997G-OOOTbt Phoenix Leasing Company Ltd., Georgetown, Cayman Islands.
09/12/1997G-OOOTregistration cancelled.
09/12/1997SE-DUPlt Blue Scandinavia; ferried Manchester-Stockholm/Arlanda as BLX006.
01/01/1998SE-DUPcompany renamed Britannia Airways AB.
16/03/1998SE-DUParr Dublin; for repaint.
24/03/1998SE-DUPr/o at Dublin in full Britannia Airways c/s.
15/12/2000SE-DUPrgd to ACG Acquisition XV LLC, Stanford; opb Britannia Airways AB on lease.
29/04/2002SE-DUPferried Oslo-London/Luton as BLX963F.
30/04/2002G-CDUPsub-lt & rgd to Britannia Airways Ltd.
02/05/2002G-CDUPin service: London/Luton-Kos as BAL305A.
02/12/2003G-CDUPat Liverpool in 'World of TUI' c/s with "" titles and small "operated by Britannia Airways" titles on nose.
07/03/2005G-CDUPlast service: Funchal-London/Luton as BAL295B.
22/03/2005G-CDUPregistration cancelled.
23/03/2005SE-DUPret Britannia Airways AB.
24/03/2005SE-DUPferried London/Luton-Maastricht/Aachen as BLX757P.
25/03/2005SE-DUPferried Maastricht/Aachen-Stockholm as BLX962P in 'World of TUI' c/s with 'TUI' tail logo but without titles.
02/07/2005SE-DUPat Palma in 'World of TUI' c/s with large "" titles and "TUI' tail logo (titles applied after 17/06/2005).
00/05/2006SE-DUPcompany renamed TUIfly Nordic.
00/12/2007SE-DUPret to lessor.
02/12/2007SE-DUPferried Stockholm/Arlanda-Southend as BLX085T.
24/02/2008SE-DUPr/o at Southend.
25/02/2008SE-DUPperformed local test flight at Southend; placed in short term storage.
17/03/2008SE-DUPregistration cancelled.
17/03/2008G-CDUPrgd to Thomsonfly Ltd.
06/05/2008G-LSAJlt & rgd to; ferried Southend-Norwich; for repaint.
13/05/2008G-LSAJferried Norwich-Leeds/Bradford in full Jet2 c/s; named "Jet2 New York".
25/05/2008G-LSAJat Lanzarote; in service.
01/04/2010G-LSAJat Malaga with extra "Friendly Low Fares" titles on aft fuselage (applied after 07/02/2010).
08/02/2013G-LSAJbt & rgd to Dart Group Plc; opb Jet2 on lease.
04/04/2014G-LSAJat Malaga in Jet2 Holidays c/s with "Jet2 Holidays" titles and large "Package Holidays you can trust" titles on aft fuselage (repainted after 14/03/2014).
21/03/2020G-LSAJlast service: Fuerteventura/FUE-Leeds Bradford/LBA as EXS250; parked because of COVID-19 pandemic.
30/06/2020G-LSAJferried Leeds Bradford/LBA-Manchester/MAN as EXS44G; for continued storage.
05/11/2020G-LSAJferried Manchester/MAN-Murcia/RMU as EXS033E; for continued storage.
17/05/2021G-LSAJferried Murcia/RMU-Manchester/MAN as EXS030F; for maintenance before returning to service.
08/08/2021G-LSAJret to service: Manchester/MAN-Tenerife/TFS as EXS755.
17/11/2023G-LSAJlast service: Malaga/AGP-Manchester/MAN as EXS810.
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