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Line number0288
Type21B F
EnginesRolls Royce Rb211-535E4
Mode SAD4F29
25/04/1990B-2815roll out.
30/05/1990B-2815first flight.
05/06/1990B-2815del Civil Aviation Administration of China.
31/07/1990B-2815tfd to China Southern Airlines.
00/12/2000B-2815bt Pegasus Aviation Inc.; opb China Southern Airlines on lease.
18/02/2007B-2815at Guangzhou; parked; for lease return.
03/10/2007B-2815ferried Guangzhou-Saipan-Honolulu-Tucson-Miami in primer c/s (arrived 05/10/2007).
15/10/2007N802PGrgd to Pegasus Aviation IV Inc., San Francisco, CA.
28/10/2007N802PGlt Avianca Colombia.
04/12/2007N802PGat Miami in full Avianca Colombia c/s.
18/10/2010N802PGret to lessor; ferried Bogota-Miami.
21/10/2010N802PGbt Federal Express Corporation.
05/11/2010N802PGrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
06/11/2010N802PGferried Miami-Victorville as FDX9043.
15/11/2010N802PGat Victorville in basic Avianca Colombia c/s.
19/07/2011N802PGat Victorville; stored.
31/08/2011N802PGregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
22/09/2011N957FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
14/10/2011N957FDferried Victorville-Anchorage-Sapporo-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore/Seletar as FDX9087 in basic Avianca Colombia c/s (arrived 17/10/2011); for conversion to freighter.
21/10/2011N957FDscheduled start of conversion to freighter.
11/03/2012N957FDscheduled completion of conversion to freighter.
24/03/2012N957FDat Singapore/Seletar.
27/04/2012N957FDferried Singapore/Seletar-Clark International-Osaka/Kansai-Anchorage-Memphis as FDX____ (arrived 29/04/2012).
21/12/2012N957FDat Los Angeles; named "Gabriella".
02/03/2016N957FDferried Memphis-Victorville as FDX9034; for storage.
01/02/2017N957FDat Victorville in full FedEx c/s; stored.
10/04/2018N957FDferried Victorville/VCV-Jacksonville/VQQ as FDX9038; after storage.
01/03/2020N957FDferried Sioux Falls/FSD-Victorville/VCV as FDX9030; for storage.
17/10/2022N957FDat Victorville/VCV; missing both engines; stored.
21/01/2023N957FDat Victorville/VCV; missing both engines; stored.
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