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Line number0271
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD0DA9
13/02/1990G-BRJFroll out.
12/03/1990G-BRJFfirst flight.
26/03/1990G-BRJFdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
26/03/1990G-BRJFlt & rgd to Air Europe.
27/03/1990G-BRJFarr London/Gatwick as AOE002 on ferry flight from U.S.A.
02/04/1990G-BRJFferried London/Gatwick-Palma as AOE001P.
03/04/1990G-BRJFregistration cancelled.
03/04/1990EC-432sub-lt Air Europa.
25/06/1990EC-EVDAir Europa; re-rgd.
05/12/1990EC-EVDret Air Europe; ferried Malaga-Palma as AOE001P.
05/12/1990G-BRJFAir Europe; re-rgd.
17/12/1990G-BRJFferried London/Gatwick-Rome/Ciampino.
18/12/1990G-BRJFregistration cancelled.
18/12/1990I-BRJFsub-lt Air Europe SpA.
25/07/1991I-BRJFarr London/Heathrow as AEL001P; for maintenance.
05/10/1992I-BRJFret International Lease Finance Corporation.
06/10/1992C-GNXBlt Nationair.
02/11/1992C-GNXBrgd to Nolisair International Inc.
01/04/1993C-GNXBNationair ceased operations.
02/04/1993C-GNXBrepossessed by International Lease Finance Corporation.
02/04/1993C-GTSJlt & rgd Air Transat A.T. Inc.
13/05/1993C-GTSJat London/Gatwick in all white c/s.
00/00/0000C-GTSJrepainted in full Air Transat c/s.
05/06/1999C-GTSJat Toronto in 1999 Air Transat c/s.
28/05/2003C-GTSJret International Lease Finance Corporation.
29/05/2003N88AMrgd to IAI V Inc., Torrance, CA.
23/06/2003N88AMferried Fayetteville-Bangor.
24/06/2003N88AMferried Bangor-Shannon-Bratislava in full Air Slovakia c/s (arrived 25/06/2003).
30/06/2003N88AMat Bratislava.
00/07/2003OM-DGKlt Air Slovakia.
27/07/2003OM-DGKat Madrid; named "City of the Golden Temple".
02/04/2005OM-DGKferried Birmingham-Bratislava after repairs; was grounded 3 months.
30/11/2005N772ABret & rgd to IAI V Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL.
18/04/2006N772ABregistration cancelled.
00/04/2006EC-JRTlt Hola Airlines.
25/04/2006EC-JRTat Palma in full Hola Airlines c/s.
00/00/2006EC-JRTsub-lt Cubana (wet lease)
03/09/2006EC-JRTat San Jose (Alajuela); operating flight CUB216 to La Havana in full Hola Airlines c/s.
00/02/2007EC-JRTret Hola Airlines.
00/03/2007EC-JRTret to lessor.
20/03/2007EC-JRTarr Norwich; for repaint.
28/03/2007EC-JRTferried Norwich-Madrid in full Gadair European Airlines c/s.
00/03/2007EC-JRTlt Gadair European Airlines.
14/04/2007EC-JRTat Paris/Charles de Gaulle; named "Paula Hidalgo".
28/07/2007EC-JRTsub-lt Hola Airlines?; ferried Nimes-Madrid as HOA001P.
11/08/2007EC-JRTat Brussels in full Gadair European Airlines c/s; opf Atlasbleu.
20/09/2007EC-JRTat Madrid in basic Gadair European Airlines c/s with "Nicaragua Lineas Aereas" titles.
22/09/2007EC-JRTferried Madrid-Gander-Managua; will transport President of Nicaragua to UN meeting in New York.
14/10/2008EC-JRTat Munich in full Gadair European Airlines c/s (including titles).
15/11/2008EC-JRTsub-lt Kabo Air; ferried Madrid-Abuja; for Hajj operations.
00/00/2008EC-JRTret Gadair European Airlines.
05/03/2009EC-JRTret to lessor; ferried Madrid-Toronto.
07/04/2009C-GTSJlt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
21/03/2010C-GTSJlast service: Toronto-Liberia as SSV5088.
31/03/2010C-GTSJSkyservice Airlines stopped operations.
21/04/2010C-GTSJferried Toronto-Cleveland-Goodyear in basic Gadair European Airlines c/s without titles (arrived 22/04/2010); for storage.
27/04/2010C-GTSJregistration cancelled.
27/04/2010N247SSrgd to IAI V Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL.
07/09/2010N247SSbt Federal Express Corporation.
08/09/2010N247SSferried Goodyear-Victorville as FDX9027.
21/09/2010N247SSrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
24/12/2010N247SSat Victorville in basic Gadair European Airlines c/s; stored.
30/08/2011N247SSferried Victorville-Anchorage-Sapporo-Singapore/Seletar as FDX9087 (arrived 31/08/2010); for conversion to freighter.
10/09/2011N247SSstart of conversion to freighter.
07/10/2011N940FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
07/01/2012N940FDat Singapore/Seletar; being converted to freighter.
29/01/2012N940FDscheduled completion of conversion to freighter.
09/02/2012N940FDferried Singapore/Seletar-Osaka/Kansai-Anchorage-Memphis as FDX9082 in full FedEx c/s with extra '50th 757F' sticker on aft fuselage (arrived 10/02/2012).
20/03/2014N940FDat Atlanta; named "Layla".
03/01/2024N940FDlast service: Indianapolis/IND-El Paso/ELP as FDX1779.
08/01/2024N940FDferried El Paso/ELP-Victorville/VCV as FDX9035; for part out and scrapping.
Marcel van Noordenne

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