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Line number0281
Type208 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CC30E
Name"Baia de Tarradfal"
27/03/1990TF-FIIroll out.
20/04/1990TF-FIIfirst flight.
03/05/1990TF-FIIdel Icelandair; named "Fanndis".
15/02/1997TF-FIIbt Heller Financial Inc.; opb Icelandair on lease.
23/04/1999TF-FIIbt CIT Leasing; opb Icelandair on lease.
10/11/1999TF-FIIferried Keflavik-Eindhoven as ICE6000; for repaint.
18/11/1990TF-FIIferried Eindhoven-Keflavik as ICE853 in 1999 Icelandair c/s.
00/00/2004TF-FIItransferred to Loftleidir Icelandic.
00/12/2004TF-FIIsub-lt Avianca Colombia.
10/12/2004TF-FIIat Bogota in Icelandair c/s with "Avianca" titles.
00/00/2005TF-FIIret Loftleidir Icelandic.
00/05/2005TF-FIIsub-lt BMI British Midland; ferried Keflavik-Manchester as BMA9931 in basic Icelandair c/s with "BMI" titles & tail logo.
29/10/2005TF-FIIlast service: Washington-Manchester as BMA____ (arrived 30/10/2005).
30/10/2005TF-FIIret Loftleidir Icelandic; ferried Manchester-Keflavik as BD9679.
11/06/2006TF-FIIat Amsterdam with "Loftleidir Icelandic" titles.
00/10/2006TF-FIIsub-lt Air Mediterranee (after 01/10/2006).
29/10/2006TF-FIIat Paris/Charles de Gaulle in all white c/s with "Air Mediterranee" titles and tail logo.
00/05/2007TF-FIIret Loftleidir Icelandic (after 19/05/2007).
23/05/2007TF-FIIat Stockholm/Arlanda in all white c/s with "Icelandair" titles and tail logo (applied after 19/05/2007).
07/10/2007TF-FIIat Luxembourg in all white c/s without titles and tail logo (removed after 12/09/2007).
10/10/2007TF-FIIsub-lt Air Niugini; ferried Keflavik-Sharjah-Singapore-Port Moresby (arrived 12/10/2007).
14/10/2007TF-FIIin service: Port Moresby-Honiara-Nadi.
22/12/2007TF-FIIat Brisbane in all white c/s with "Air Niugini" titles and tail logo.
23/12/2008TF-FIIlast service: Hong Kong-Port Moresby as PX009.
25/12/2008TF-FIIret Icelandair; ferried Port Moresby-Guam-Honolulu-Long Beach-Miami as ICE8850 (arrived 26/12/2008).
31/12/2008TF-FIIsub-lt Santa Barbara Airlines in all white c/s.
04/06/2009TF-FIIlast service: Caracas-Tenerife (arrived 05/06/2009).
06/06/2009TF-FIIret Icelandair; ferried Tenerife-Keflavik as.
24/09/2009TF-FIIsub-lt Air Gabon; ferried Keflavik-Paris/Charles de Gaulle.
03/10/2009TF-FIIret Icelandair.
03/05/2010TF-FIIsub-lt Santa Barbara Airlines; ferried Keflavik-Tenerife-Caracas.
24/05/2010TF-FIIret Icelandair; ferried Caracas-Tenerife-Keflavik (arrived 25/05/2011).
12/10/2010TF-FIIat Osaka in all white c/s with "Icelandair" titles and tail logo, and extra "Lakani World Tour" titles.
29/11/2010TF-FIIat Helsinki in full Icelandair c/s; named "Eyjafjallajökull" (repainted after 14/10/2010).
14/04/2011TF-FIIat Amsterdam with blended winglets (installed after 10/02/2011).
05/11/2017TF-FIIferried Keflavik-Praia as ICE8022; for sub-lease to TACV.
07/11/2017TF-FIIin service: Praia-Lisbon as VR606.
30/04/2017TF-FIIlast service: Sal/SID-Paris/CDG as TCV640; ferried Paris/CDG-Keflavik/KEF as TCV8843; ret to Icelandair.
25/06/2018TF-FIIferried Keflavik/KEF-Sal/SID as ICE8022; lt TACV Cabo Verde Airlines; in service: Sal/SID-Lisbon/LIS as VR6020.
02/07/2018TF-FIIlast service: Sid/SID-Lisbon/LIS as TCV602; ferried Lisbon/LIS-Keflavik/KEF as TCV8843; ret to Icelandair.
30/11/2018TF-FIIferried Keflavik/KEF-Praia/RAI as ICE8022; for lease to Cabo Verde Airlines.
08/03/2019TF-FIIlast service: Boston/BOS-Praia/RAI as TCV691.
16/03/2019D4-CCGin service: Sal/SID-Lisbon/LIS as TCV602.
19/03/2019D4-CCGat Lisbon in full Icelandair c/s; named "Baia de Tarrafal".
09/05/2019D4-CCGlast service: Praia/RAI-Boston/BOS as TCV690; before repaint.
10/05/2019D4-CCGferried Boston/BOS-Amarillo/AMA as TCV697; for repaint.
26/05/2019D4-CCGferried Amarillo/AMA-Opa-Locka/OPF under registration in 2019 Cabo Verde Airlines c/s (dark brown/pink/red c/s).
30/05/2019D4-CCGferried Opa-Locka/OPF-Boston/BOS as TCV699.
31/05/2019D4-CCGin service: Boston/BOS-Praia/RAI as TCV691.
01/03/2020D4-CCGlast service: Sal/SID-Washington/IAD as TCV692; ferried Washington/IAD-Opa-Locka/OPF as TCV901; for parking/storage.
11/03/2021D4-CCGferried Opa-Locka/OPF-Keflavik/KEF as TCV9921 (arrived 12/03/2021).
14/04/2021D4-CCGferried Keflavik/KEF-Praia/RAI as TCV908.
22/06/2021D4-CCGferried Praia/RAI-Sal/SID as TCV9011; for parking?
00/10/2022TF-CCGrgd to Icelandair.
18/12/2022TC-CCGferried Sal/SID-Lleida/ILD as ICE1001; for continued storage.
Marcel van Noordenne

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