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Line number0274
Type230 F
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode SADED25
26/02/1990D-ABNBroll out.
23/03/1990D-ABNBfirst flight.
05/04/1990D-ABNBdel Condor.
05/04/1990D-ABNBbt Lufthansa Leasing GmbH & Co Delta KG; opb Condor on lease.
09/04/1990D-ABNBarr Frankfurt on ferry flight from U.S.A.
18/04/1990D-ABNBrgd to Lufthansa Leasing GmbH & Co Delta KG.
08/04/2001D-ABNBarr Hamburg; for repaint.
17/04/2001D-ABNBferried Hamburg-Frankfurt in full Dutchbird c/s.
19/04/2001D-ABNBferried Frankfurt-Amsterdam as DE9909.
20/04/2001PH-DBBlt & rgd to Dutchbird.
25/06/2003PH-DBBsub-lt Thomas Cook Belgium; ferried Amsterdam-Brussels.
26/06/2003PH-DBBin service: Brussels-Kos as FQ464.
00/05/2004PH-DBBret Dutchbird (before 25/05/2004).
00/12/2004PH-DBBDutchbird suspended operations.
22/12/2004PH-DBBimpounded by Boeing Aircraft Holding Company.
11/01/2005PH-DBBregistration cancelled.
12/01/2005N246BArgd to Boeing Aircraft Holding Company.
17/01/2005N246BAat Amsterdam; registration N246BA applied on aircraft.
19/01/2005N246BAferried Amsterdam-Tel Aviv; for maintenance.
20/05/2005N246BAferried Tel Aviv-Hamburg; still in full Dutchbird c/s.
27/06/2005N246BAregistration cancelled.
28/06/2005D-ABFSat Frankfurt in full Air Italy c/s.
30/06/2005I-AIGBlt Air Italy; ferried Frankfurt-Milan/Malpensa.
13/07/2005I-AIGBat Oslo/Gardemoen with extra "It's nice to fly with friends again" titles on aft fuselage.
02/11/2006EI-IGBrgd to GAIF Ireland Three Ltd.; opb Air Italy on lease.
04/11/2006EI-IGBarr Lasham.
30/11/2006EI-IGBat Madrid in modified Air Italy c/s (repainted after 16/10/2006).
03/08/2007EI-IGBrgd to Constitution Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) 3 Ltd.; opb Air Italy on lease.
00/10/2009EI-IGBret to lessor; ferried to Victorville.
17/10/2009EI-IGBat Victorville in full Air Italy c/s.
27/10/2009EI-IGBat Victorville in full Air Italy c/s but not wearing any registration.
10/11/2009EI-IGBregistration cancelled.
10/11/2009N473ACrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
16/12/2009N997FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
02/03/2010N473ACperformed a local test flight at Victorville.
30/06/2010N473ACbt Aircraft MSN 24738 LLC.
30/06/2010N473ACbt Federal Express Corporation.
28/07/2010N473ACrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
04/11/2010N473ACferried Victorville-Mobile as FDX9005; for conversion to freighter.
08/11/2011N473ACstart of conversion to freighter.
27/02/2012N997FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
26/04/2011N997FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
21/05/2011N997FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
17/02/2012N997FDat Memphis; named "Analise".
Marcel van Noordenne

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