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Line number0262
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA84A79
07/01/1990B-2811roll out.
01/02/1990B-2811first flight.
15/02/1990B-2811del Civil Aviation Administration of China.
15/11/1990B-2811transferred to China Southern Airlines.
00/12/2000B-2811bt Pegasus Aviation Inc.; opb China Southern Airlines on lease.
01/02/2007B-2811at Guangzhou; being prepared for lease return.
20/06/2007B-2811ferried Honolulu-Goodyear as CSN2099 in all white c/s; for storage.
25/06/2007N816PGrgd to Pegasus Aviation IV Inc., San Francisco, CA.
24/10/2007N816PGat Goodyear in all white c/s; still wearing registration B-2811.
05/06/2008N816PGferried Goodyear-Miami; for Santa Barbara Airlines.
00/07/2008N816PGlt Santa Barbara Airlines.
17/07/2008N816PGat Miami in 2008 Santa Barbara Airlines c/s.
19/07/2008YV304Tat Miami in 2008 Santa Barbara Airlines c/s.
20/01/2018YV304Tat Miami in full SBA Airlines c/s; stored (arrived after 02/08/2017) .
09/02/2018YV304Tat Miami in full SBA Airlines c/s; stored.
01/03/2018N633SHrgd to Pegasus Aviation IV Inc.
09/03/2018N633SHferried Miami/MIA-Wilmington/ILN as JTN8029; for part out and scrapping.
00/12/2019N633SHscrapping completed.
03/07/2021N633SHregistration cancelled.
Marcel van Noordenne

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