Line number0259
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACB89B
12/12/1989G-IEABroll out.
18/01/1990G-IEABfirst flight.
01/02/1990G-IEABdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
01/02/1990G-IEABlt Inter European Airways.
01/04/1990G-IEABsub-lt Air Holland; ferried London/Gatwick-Amsterdam-Maastricht; for repaint.
09/04/1990G-IEABferried Maastricht-Amsterdam as AHD197P; entered service: Amsterdam-Faro as AHD115.
10/04/1990G-IEABsub-lt Air Aruba in full Air Aruba c/s; ferried Amsterdam-Bangor-Aruba as ARU757D.
14/04/1991G-IEABret Air Holland.
15/04/1991G-IEABferried Newark-Amsterdam as FQ798.
16/04/1991G-IEABferried Amsterdam-London/Stansted as FQ713; for maintenance.
30/04/1991G-IEABret Inter European Airways; ferried London/Stansted-Cardiff.
00/06/1993G-IEABAspro Travel (Inter European Airways acquired by Airtours Group (Airtours International).
13/10/1993G-IEABoperated Inter European Airways' last service: Manchester-Malaga; company ceased operations at midnight.
15/10/1993G-IEABret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
26/10/1993G-LCRCr/o at London/Stansted in full Airtours International c/s.
27/10/1993G-LCRClt & rgd to Airtours International.
29/10/1993G-LCRCin service: Manchester-Tenerife.
08/02/2000G-LCRCarr Southend; for repaint.
00/02/2000G-LCRCdep Southend.
01/05/2002G-LCRCAirtours International renamed MyTravel Airways.
29/11/2002G-LCRCarr Norwich; for repaint.
00/12/2002G-LCRCferried Norwich-Lasham in all white c/s; for storage.
29/12/2002G-LCRCat Lasham in all white c/s without titles; stored.
18/01/2003G-LCRCat Lasham in all white c/s without titles; stored.
18/04/2003G-LCRCat Lasham in all white c/s without titles; stored.
16/05/2003G-LCRCregistration cancelled.
16/05/2003G-FJEAlt & rgd to Flyjet Ltd.
21/05/2003G-FJEAperformed local test flight at Lasham as FJE001T.
22/05/2003G-FJEAperformed test flight: Lasham-Bournemouth-Lasham as FJE001T.
04/06/2003G-FJEAat London/Gatwick in full Flyjet c/s.
13/06/2003G-FJEAferried Lasham-London/Gatwick as FJE01T.
04/10/2007G-FJEAlast service: Lanzarote-Newcastle as FJE609.
05/10/2007G-FJEAferried Newcastle-Southend as FJE757P; for maintenance.
00/10/2007G-FJEAret to lessor.
11/01/2008G-FJEAferried Southend-London/Luton-Southend as SLR757P; for maintenance at London/Luton.
15/01/2008G-FJEAregistration cancelled.
16/01/2008N919FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
18/01/2008N919FDferried Southend-Shannon-Bangor-Indianapolis as FDX9059 (arrived 19/01/2008).
26/02/2008N919FDferried Seattle-Anchorage-Sapporo-Tokyo-Singapore in all white c/s with blue tail as FDX9031 (arrived 28/02/2008); for conversion to freighter.
07/12/2008N919FDarr Singapore in full FedEx c/s after conversion to freighter.
09/12/2008N919FDferried Singapore-Osaka/Kansai-Anchorage-Memphis as FDX9020 (arrived 11/12/2008).
14/12/2008N919FDin service: Memphis-Reno as FDX723.
20/07/2010N919FDferried Indianapolis-Paris/Charles de Gaulle; for European operations.
21/07/2010N919FDat Paris/CDG; named "Evan".

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