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Line number0258
Type23A PF
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S?
05/12/1989PT-TDAroll out.
00/01/1990PT-TDATransbrasil - not taken up.
11/01/1990N3502PBoeing; re-rgd.
12/01/1990N3502Pfirst flight.
12/03/1990N3502Pat Boeing Field in all white c/s.
18/06/1990N3502Pat Boeing Field in all white c/s.
18/10/19909J-AFOdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
18/10/19909J-AFOlt Zambia Airways.
27/10/19909J-AFOferried through Amsterdam as ZAC001/ZAC1943.
01/10/19939J-AFOret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
00/10/1993N574CAChallenge Air Cargo - not taken up.
06/10/1993VH-AWEAnsett Worldwide Aviation Services; re-rgd.
06/10/1993VH-AWErgd to Nordstress Australia PTY Ltd., Redfern, NSW.
30/12/1993VH-AWElt Gulf Air.
14/01/1994VH-AWEin service: Bahrain-Brussels.
20/01/1994VH-AWEat Sharjah in full Gulf Air c/s.
25/04/1996VH-AWEret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
15/05/1996VH-AWElt DHL.
26/05/1996VH-AWEat Brussels in full Gulf Air c/s.
28/05/1996VH-AWEr/o at Brussels in full DHL c/s.
30/05/1996VH-AWEat Brussels with small "SNAS" titles on nose.
23/05/1996VH-AWEat Brussels; named "City of Al Manama".
00/03/2000VH-AWEret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
03/04/2000VH-AWEregistration cancelled.
05/04/2000OO-DLKlt European Air Transport N.V. in full DHL c/s.
23/04/2002OO-DLKregistration cancelled.
23/04/2002A9C-DHLtransferred to DHL International Aviation.
29/04/2002A9C-DHLat Brussels.
01/07/2002A9C-DHLcrashed near the German city of Uberlingen on the Northern shore of Lake Constance after a mid-air collision with a Tupolev 154 of Bashkirian Airlines.
Marcel van Noordenne

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