CRASHEDAmerican Airlines
Line number0390
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode SA89072
17/07/1991N651AAroll out.
12/08/1991N651AAfirst flight.
27/08/1991N651AAdel American Airlines; '5BX'.
29/08/1991N651AAfirst service: Boston-Dallas/Fort Worth.
12/09/1991N651AAbt Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company; opb American Airlines on lease.
12/09/1991N651AArgd to Meridian Trust Company.
20/12/1995N651AAcrashed on a flight from Miami to Cali, Colombia; aircraft was descending into Cali from the north, using a VOR/DME step letdown procedure at night, when it hit the 12000 ft Mount San Jose at about 9000 ft level; crew of 6 and all 159 passengers died (TT: 13772 hours; 4911 cycles).
29/06/1996N651AAregistration cancelled.

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