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Line number0257
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SC01D16
23/11/1989N1791Broll out.
03/01/1990N1791Bfirst flight.
01/03/1990N757NAdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
01/03/1990N757NAlt North American Airlines; named "Lisa Caroline".
02/03/1990N757NArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
12/03/1990N757NAstill at Boeing Field in all white c/s.
13/01/1995N757NAat New York/JFK; named "Lucille V".
16/05/1999N757NAret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
16/05/1999N757NAlt National Airlines.
03/06/1999N757NAat Los Angeles in full National Airlines c/s.
04/09/2001N757NAbt AWMS I; opb National Airlines on lease.
09/10/2001N757NArgd to AWMS I, New York, NY.
06/11/2002N757NANational Airlines ceased operations.
00/11/2002N757NAret AWMS I.
09/11/2002N757NAferried Las Vegas-Mojave; for storage.
20/02/2003N757NAat Mojave in full National Airlines c/s; stored.
13/10/2003N757NAferried Mojave-Everett.
12/11/2003N757NAat Everett in full National Airlines c/s; on Goodrich ramp.
09/01/2004N757NAat Everett in full National Airlines c/s; on Goodrich ramp.
05/02/2005N757NAat Everett; being converted to freighter.
02/05/2005N757NAat Everett in basic National Airlines c/s; on Goodrich ramp.
28/06/2005N757NAregistration cancelled.
29/06/2005TF-FIDlt Icelandair; ferried Everett-Keflavik as ICE9700 in full TNT c/s (arrived 30/06/2005).
09/07/2005TF-FIDat Liege in TNT c/s (reportedly operates for DHL during the day and for Icelandair at night).
14/08/2013TF-FIDferried Lasham-Norwich as ICE8706; for repaint.
25/08/2013TF-FIDferried Norwich-Liege as ICE8705 in Icelandair c/s with "Icelandair Cargo" titles.
31/05/2014TF-FIDferried Marseille-Norwich as TAY990.
04/06/2014TF-FIDferried Norwich-Keflavik as ICE8701 in all white c/s.
00/00/2014TF-FIDferried Keflavik-Greenville/Spartanburg.
02/08/2014TF-FIDperformed local test flight at Greenville/Spartanburg as ICE5000.
05/09/2014C-FLAJrgd to Cargojet Airways Ltd.;'503'.
21/11/2014C-FLAJat Halifax in all white c/s with large "Cargojet" titles on fuselage.
Marcel van Noordenne

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