Line number0255
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA9A3D9
26/09/19895Y-BGIroll out.
01/10/19895Y-BGIat Boeing Field in full Kenya Airways c/s.
04/11/19895Y-BGIfirst flight.
06/12/19895Y-BGIdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
06/12/19895Y-BGIlt Kenya Airways; named "Jamburi Star".
12/01/19905Y-BGIarr London/Heathrow as KQ057; ferried London/Heathrow-Nairobi as KQ105X.
01/05/19935Y-BGIret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
19/06/19935Y-BGIferried Nairobi-London/Luton; for storage.
03/12/19935Y-BGIat London/Luton; stored.
00/12/1993N240LALeisure Air - not taken up.
20/12/1993XA-RLMat London/Luton in all white c/s.
22/12/1993XA-RLMferried London/Luton-Detroit.
23/12/1993XA-RLMlt Taesa.
14/09/1994XA-RLMret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services; titles removed; aircraft parked at Mexico City.
14/10/1994XA-RLMlt Taesa.
15/10/1994XA-RLMat Mexico City; "Tasea" titles applied again; returned to service.
21/07/1997XA-RLMat Mexico City without titles.
07/09/1997XA-RLMat Paris/Orly in full Taesa c/s (including titles).
00/12/1997XA-RLMsub-tl STAF (Servicios de Transportes Aereos Fueginos).
12/01/1998XA-RLMat Miami in basic Taesa c/s with "STAF" titles on left side only.
00/02/1998XA-RLMret Taesa.
00/05/1998XA-RLMsub-lt Air Madeira.
26/05/1998XA-RLMferried Lisbon-London/Stansted as LXR3020.
27/05/1998XA-RLMsub-lt Leisure International Airways; in service; Londn/Stansted-Salzburg in all white c/s without titles, with Mexican flag near front door; aircraft is crewed by Mexican nationals and based at Faro.
26/08/1998XA-RLMret Air Madeira.
07/09/1998XA-RLMsub-lt Air 2000.
01/11/1998XA-RLMret Taesa; ferried Manchester-Gander-bound for Mexico.
00/03/1999XA-RLMsub-lt Tame.
00/04/1999XA-RLMret Taesa.
16/05/1999XA-RLMat Baltra airport (Galapagos Islands) in full Tame c/s.
19/06/1999XA-RLMat Mexico City in 1998 Taesa c/s.
21/07/1999XA-RLMpassed through Athens carrying prisoners from Mexico to China; opb Taesa.
11/02/2000XA-RLMret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
12/02/2000XA-RLMat Goodyear in Taesa c/s.
14/02/2000N566ANrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
27/04/2000VH-NOFrgd to Nordstress Australia Pty Ltd., Redfern, NSW, Australia.
28/04/2000N566ANregistration cancelled,
29/04/2000VH-NOFat Goodyear in full Guyana Air 2000 c/s, but without registration.
09/05/2000VH-NOFlt Guyana Air 2000.
23/10/2000VH-NOFferried Toronto-Manchester as GYA618M; for maintenance.
20/05/2001VH-NOFat Hamilton in Guyana Air 2000 c/s; stored.
07/06/2001VH-NOFregistration cancelled.
07/06/2001N566ANret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
08/06/2001N566ANrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
02/10/2001N566ANat Mojave in all white c/s without titles; stored.
00/10/2001N566ANferried Mojave-Fargo.
20/10/2001N566ANferried Fargo-London/Luton (arrived 21/10/2001).
22/10/2001N566ANat London/Luton; inside Monarch Airlines hangar.
26/11/2001N566ANferried London/Luton-Fargo-Mojave.
14/04/2002N566ANat Mojave in all white c/s without titles; stored.
02/10/2002N566ANat Mojave; stored.
02/04/2003N566ANat Mojave; stored.
30/05/2003N566ANbt MSA I.
09/07/2003N566ANrgd to MSA I, New York, NY.
08/11/2003N566ANferried Mojave-Everett.
12/11/2003N566ANat Everett in all white c/s without titles.
09/01/2004N566ANat Everett in all white c/s; on Goodrich ramp.
25/04/2004N566ANat Everett in all white c/s without titles; on Goodrich ramp; for conversion to freighter.
25/07/2005N566ANat Everett; conversion to freighter completed.
12/08/2005N566ANferried Everett-Keflavik as ICE9700 in full Icelandair c/s with "Icelandair Cargo" titles (arrived 13/08/2005).
15/08/2005N566ANregistration cancelled.
15/08/2005TF-FIElt Icelandair.
16/08/2005TF-FIErgd to MSA I.
16/08/2005TF-FIEin service: Keflavik-Humberside-Liege as ICE748.
24/06/2006TF-FIEferried Liege-Southend as ICVE6701.
26/06/2006TF-FIEferried Southend-Liege as ICE6700 with Swedish flag on fuselage.
25/08/2013TF-FIEat Keflavik; short term storage.
09/10/2013TF-FIEferried Keflavik-Boston-Goodyear as ICE8701 (arrived 10/10/2013).
10/10/2013TF-FIEret to lessor.
24/10/2013TF-FIEat Goodyear in basic Icelandair c/s.
02/12/2013N720DBrgd to MSA I.
06/12/2013N720DBferried Goodyear-Amarillo; for repaint.
20/12/2013N720DBferried Amarillo-Hamilton in full Cargojet c/s, only missing tail logo.
02/02/2014N720DBat Hamilton in full Cargojet c/s including tail logo; 'KAJ' on nose wheel door.
04/03/2014N720DBregistration cancelled.
12/03/2014C-FKAJlt & rgd to Cargojet Airways.

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