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Line number0280
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA0096B
22/03/1990C-FXOFroll out.
17/04/1990C-FXOFfirst flight.
30/04/1990C-FXOFdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
30/04/1990C-FXOFlt & rgd to Canada 3000 Airlines.
00/00/0000C-FXOFownership changed to Triton Aviation Services Ltd.
01/05/2001C-FXOFferried Calgary-London/Luton as CMM9981.
24/05/2001C-FXOFferried London/Luton-Southend as CMM999; for repaint.
03/06/2001C-FXOFferried Southend-Toronto as CMM961.
09/11/2001C-FXOFCanada 3000 Airlines stopped operations due to financial problems.
20/11/2001C-FXOFat Vancouver; parked.
09/01/2002C-FXOFregistration cancelled.
15/01/2002N544LFbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest (from Triton Aviation International LLC).
16/01/2002N544LFrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
01/05/2002N549NAlt National Airlines.
06/11/2002N549NANational Airlines ceased operations.
00/00/2002N549NAarr Fayetteville; for storage (first seen 22/04/2003).
14/04/2003N549NAat Fayetteville in National Airlines c/s; stored.
14/07/2003N549NAferried Fayetteville-Miami.
03/09/2003N549NAat Miami in full North American Airlines c/s.
05/10/2003N549NAat Miami in full North American Airlines c/s.
04/11/2003N753NAWells Fargo Bank Northwest; re-rgd.
12/11/2003N753NAlt North American Airlines.
00/00/2004N753NAret to lessor (after 17/07/2004).
21/11/2004N753NAat Miami in all white c/s; at Commercial Jet's hangar.
10/02/2005N753NAat Miami in all white c/s.
00/05/2005N753NAlt Ryan International Airlines.
06/08/2005N753NAat Jahului in basic Rubloff c/s with "Ryan" titles.
26/07/2006N753NAat Hahn in basic Aerosur c/s without titles.
07/08/2006N753NAsub-lt Aerosur.
00/12/2007N753NAret Ryan International Airlines.
00/00/2008N753NAret to lessor.
19/03/2008N753NAregistration cancelled.
19/03/2008C-GTDXlt & rgd to Zoom Airlines; '202'.
09/05/2008C-GTDXat Toronto; named "City of Toronto".
28/08/2008C-GTDXZoom Airlines stopped operations due to financial difficulties; aircraft parked at Toronto.
19/09/2008C-GTDXferried Toronto-Miami.
04/10/2008C-GTDXat Miami in basic Zoom Airlines c/s.
20/10/2008C-GTDXregistration cancelled.
21/10/2008N241LFrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
09/12/2008N241LFregistration cancelled.
00/12/2008OM-ASGlt Air Slovakia.
12/12/2008OM-ASGferried Miami-Keflavik-Bratislava (arrived 13/12/2008).
14/12/2008OM-ASGsub-lt Meridian Airlines; ferried Bratislava-Jeddah; for Hajj operations.
00/12/2008OM-ASGret Air Slovakia.
16/02/2009OM-ASGat Paris/Charles de Gaulle in all white c/s without titles and no tail logo.
09/11/2009OM-ASGferried Bratislava-Southend in all white c/s.
12/11/2009OM-ASGsub-lt Albanian Airlines; ferried Southend-Bratislava-Tirana in all white c/s with "Albanian" titles; in service: Tirana-Pristina.
22/01/2010OM-ASGret Air Slovakia.
00/03/2010OM-ASGret to lessor.
12/03/2010OM-ASGferried Bergamo-Miami.
25/06/2010EC-LHLlt Mint Airways; ferried Miami-Madrid as MIC001P.
01/07/2010EC-LHLat Madrid; named "David Summers".
28/12/2010EC-LHLsub-lt PAL Principal Airlines; ferried Madrid-Sal Island-Recife-Santiago (arrived 29/12/2010).
31/03/2011EC-LHLret Mint Airways; ferried Rosario-Recife-Madrid.
00/00/2011EC-LHLsub-lt Blue Air.
15/09/2011EC-LHLret Mint Airways; ferried Bucharest-Madrid.
23/09/2011EC-LHLsub-lt Thomas Cook Airlines; arr Newcastle as MIC001P; in service: Newcastle-Corfu as TCX6246.
31/10/2011EC-LHLlast service: Corfu-Newcastle as TCX6027; ferried Newcastle-Madrid as TCX627F; ret to Mint Airways.
00/11/2011EC-LHLsub-lt Comtel Air.
16/11/2011EC-LHLret Mint Airways.
21/05/2012EC-LHLlast service: Iraklion-Nantes as BIE6905; opf Air Mediterranee; ferried Nantes-Madrid as BIE991F.
22/05/2012EC-LHLMint Airways ceased operations.
03/08/2012N101LFrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
22/04/2014N101LFferried Madrid/MAD-Knock/NOC as BIE991F; for part out and scrapping.
24/05/2014N101LFat Knock/NOC; missing both engines.
00/08/2014N101LFat Knock/NOC.
00/00/2015 ?N101LFscrapping completed.
29/01/2019N101LFregistration cancelled.
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