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Line number0268
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA12FAA
ConfigurationF22Y162 or F26Y144
31/01/1990C-GTDLroll out.
26/02/1990C-GTDLfirst flight.
12/03/1990C-GTDLdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
12/03/1990C-GTDLlt Odyssey International.
19/03/1990C-GTDLsub-lt Air Europe.
21/03/1990C-GTDLferried Toronto-London/Gatwick as AOE001P.
16/04/1990C-GTDLret Air Europe; ferried London/Gatwick-Toronto as AOE950/OL950.
28/04/1990C-GTDLat Everett; stored.
30/04/1990C-GTDLret International Lease Finance Corporation.
23/05/1990C-GTDLat Everett; being repainted in America West Airlines c/s; not wearing a registration.
24/05/1990N911AWlt America West Airlines.
31/05/1990N911AWarr Phoenix.
01/06/1990C-GTDLregistration cancelled,
03/07/1991N911AWret International Lease Finance Corporation.
30/07/1991N911AWat Everett; with TRAMCO.
04/09/1991N911AWat Everett.
10/10/1991N871LFInternational Lease Finance Corporation; re-rgd.
24/10/1991C-GNXUlt Nationair.
29/10/1991C-GNXUdep Long Beach,
02/11/1991C-GNXUarr Montreal/Mirabel.
04/11/1991C-GNXUrgd to Nolisair International Inc., Mirabel, Canada.
02/04/1993C-GNXUret International Lease Finance Corporation.
02/04/1993C-GTSNlt & rgd to Air Transat.
07/05/1993C-GTSNat Toronto in basic Nationair c/s.
06/07/1993C-GTSNat London/Gatwick in all white c/s.
08/08/1993C-GTSNferried Cambridge-London/Heathrow; for maintenance with British Airways.
11/08/1993C-GTSNdep London/Heathrow in all white c/s with dark underside.
20/07/1994C-GTSNat Frankfurt in full Air Transat c/s (repainted after 00/00/0000).
30/03/1999C-GTSNat Toronto in new Air Transat c/s (repainted after 23/06/1998).
00/05/2003C-GTSNat Montreal/Mirabel; stored.
00/09/2003C-GTSNret Arkia Leasing.
01/10/2003C-GTSNat Montreal/Mirabel in full Air Transat c/s; windows and engines taped up; stored.
06/02/2004C-GTSNlt & rgd to HMY Airways; '803'.
00/02/2004C-GTSNat Abbotsford for interior refurbishment and repaint.
13/03/2004C-GTSNat Vancouver in full new HMY Airways c/s with large "Harmony" titles.
17/05/2004C-GTSNairline renamed Harmony Airways.
25/03/2007C-GTSNret to lessor; ferried Vancouver-Hamilton; for repaint.
02/05/2007C-GTSNlt & rgd to Zoom Airlines; '201'; ferried Montreal-Toronto in full Zoom Airlines c/s.
06/05/2007C-GTSNat Toronto; named "City of Montreal".
27/08/2008C-GTSNlast service: Toronto-Glasgow as OOM322 (arrived 28/08/2007).
28/08/2008C-GTSNZoom Airlines stopped operations due to financial difficulties; aircraft parked at Glasgow.
16/09/2008C-GTSNrgd to Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter.
19/09/2008C-GTSNferried Glasgow-Lasham as OOM322; for storage.
21/07/2009C-GTSNregistration cancelled.
21/07/2009G-STRWlt Astreaus (from Knafaim Holdings Ltd.).
22/07/2009G-STRWperformed a local acceptance flight at Lasham.
24/07/2009G-STRWferried Lasham-Manchester in basic Zoom Airlines c/s without titles.
31/10/2009G-STRWlast service: Keflavik-London/Gatwick as AEU501W; ferried London/Gatwick-Lasham as AEU501P.
24/11/2009G-STRWdep Lasham.
25/11/2009G-STRWin service:
24/12/2009G-STRWferried London/Heathrow-Bournemouth; originally had to go to Lasham for parking but had to divert due to iced runway.
27/02/2010G-STRWat Paris/Orly in all blue c/s without titles; opf Air France.
10/05/2011G-STRWarr Edinburgh as BOE1234.
12/05/2011G-STRWsub-lt Thomson Airways; in service: Edinburgh-Palma as TOM1492.
31/10/2011G-STRWlast service: Daleman-Edinburgh as TOM889; ferried Edinburgh-London/Gatwick as TOM889F; ret to Astraeus.
01/11/2011G-STRWin service: London/Gatwick-Brize Norton-Akrotiri as AEU741.
20/11/2011G-STRWlast service: RAF Akrotiri-Brize Norton as AEU472.
21/11/2011G-STRWAstraeus stopped operations.
08/12/2011G-STRWrgd to CGTSN Ltd.
21/12/2011G-STRWferried Brize Norton-Lasham.
17/02/2012G-STRWat Lasham; parked.
30/03/2012N176CAregistration reserved by National Air Cargo Inc.
17/04/2012G-STRWregistration cancelled.
17/04/2012N176CAbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
17/04/2012N176CAlt National Airlines.
18/04/2012N176CArgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
19/04/2012N176CAferried Lasham-Shannon-Willow Run.
20/04/2012N176CAferried Willow Run-Oscoda Wurtsmith; for ?
13/07/2012N176CAferried Oscoda Wurtsmith-Shannon-Dubai/Al Khatoum as NCR176 (arrived 14/07/2012).
24/09/2012N176CAat Dubai in full National Airlines c/s with large "National" titles and "" titles below.
01/01/2014N176CAat Miami with ' Expo 2020, Dubai UAE, award city' sticker below cockpit.
19/03/2016N176CAat San Juan with 'Orlando - You don't know the half of it' sticker below cockpit.
19/11/2018N176CAferried Tacoma/TCM-Goodyear/GYR as NCR319; for lease return and storage,
02/02/2019N176CAat Goodyear/GYR in full National Airlines c/s; missing both engines; stored.
11/04/2019N176CAat Goodyear/GYR in full National Airlines c/s; missing both engines; stored.
20/07/2019N176CAat Goodyear/GYR in full National Airlines c/s; missing both engines; stored.
05/01/2021N176CArgd to Cascade Spares Inc., Knoxville, TN; for part out and scrapping.
09/07/2021N176CAat Goodyear/GYR; missing both engines; being parted out and scrapped.
25/01/2023N176CAat Goodyear/GYR.
12/10/2023N176CAat Goodyear/GYR.
02/02/2024N176CAat Goodyear/GYR; all usable pats removed; still standing on landing gear.
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