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Line number0250
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD0799
28/08/1989OO-ILIroll out.
21/09/1989OO-ILIfirst flight.
01/10/1989OO-ILIat Boeing Field in full Air Belgium c/s.
06/10/1989OO-ILIdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
06/10/1989OO-ILIbt Air Belgium; ferried Boeing Field-Brussels as ABB757 (arrived 07/10/1989).
13/10/1989OO-ILIfirst service: Brussels-Arrecife-Tenerife.
30/01/1995OO-ILIarr Southend; for repaint in revised Air Belgium c/s.
08/01/1996OO-ILIlast service: Tenerife-Brussels; ferried Brussels-London/Luton.
09/01/1996OO-ILIlt Icelandair; ferried London/Luton-Keflavik as ICE461.
10/01/1996OO-ILIin service: Keflavik-Las Palmas.
29/02/1996OO-ILIret Air Belgium.
08/03/1996OO-ILIferried London/Heathrow-London/Luton.
11/03/1996OO-ILIregistration cancelled.
11/03/1996SE-DSMbt SBF North Air Company Ltd., Tokyo, Japan; opb Air Belgium on lease; sub-lt Sunways.
14/03/1996SE-DSMrgd to SBF North Air Company, Tokyo, Japan.
30/06/1996SE-DSMat Stockholm/Arlanda; named "Lennart Johansson".
00/09/1997SE-DSMrepossessed by Air Belgium after Sunways ceased operations.
02/10/1997SE-DSMferried Antalya-Brussels; parked.
24/10/1997SE-DSMat Brussels in full Sunways c/s; parked.
26/11/1997SE-DSMregistration cancelled.
26/11/1997G-BXOLbt Tombo Aviation; ferried Brussels-Dublin in full Sunways c/s.
27/11/1997G-BXOLat Dublin; being repainted in Britannia Airways c/s.
11/12/1997G-BXOLferried Dublin-London/Luton.
26/12/1997G-BXOLlt Britannia Airways.
07/02/1998G-BXOLin service: London/Gatwick-Lyons.
18/03/1999G-BXOLferried East Midlands-London/Luton; parked.
28/03/1999G-BXOLat London/Luton; undergoing maintenance prior to lease return to Tombo Aviation.
31/03/1999G-BXOLret Tombo Aviation.
08/04/1999PH-AHPTombo Aviation; re-rgd.
09/04/1999G-BXOLregistration cancelled.
09/04/1999PH-AHPlt & rgd to Air Holland Charter B.V.; ferried London/Luton-Southend; for repaint.
14/04/1999PH-AHPferried Southend-Lasham as AHD097P in full Air Holland c/s.
26/04/1999PH-AHPferried Lasham-Amsterdam.
27/04/1999PH-AHPin service: Amsterdam-Larnaca.
03/11/1999PH-AHPlast service: Sharm el Sheikh-Hurghada-Amsterdam; repossessed by Tombo Aviation.
00/12/1999PH-AHPat Amsterdam; missing 1 engine.
09/12/1999PH-AHPat Amsterdam; towed into Martinair hangar.
00/12/1999PH-AHPat Amsterdam; stored on request of Tombo Aviation.
05/03/2000PH-AHPferried Amsterdam-Tel Aviv as HV065; for maintenance.
20/03/2000PH-AHPferried Tel Aviv-Amsterdam as HV096D.
28/04/2000PH-AHPlt Transavia Airlines.
14/11/2000PH-AHPret Tombo Aviation; ferried Shannon-Amsterdam.
15/11/2000PH-AHPat Amsterdam in basic Transavia Airlines c/s without titles.
01/12/2000PH-AHPat Amsterdam in basic Transavia Airlines c/s without titles; can be used as back-up aircraft by Transavia Airlines.
20/12/2000PH-AHPat Amsterdam; parked.
27/04/2001PH-AHPret to Tombo Aviation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
10/05/2001PH-AHPferried Amsterdam-Lasham as HV001.
01/06/2001PH-AHPat Lasham in white c/s with purple tail c/s without registration.
18/06/2001PH-AHPat Lasham in basic British World Airlines c/s; wearing registration G-OBWS.
03/07/2001PH-AHPat Lasham in basic British World Airlines c/s without titles; wearing registration G-OBWS.
12/07/2001PH-AHPregistration cancelled.
12/07/2001G-OBWSlt & rgd to British World Airlines.
16/07/2001G-OBWSferried Lasham-Southend in full British World Airlines c/s.
20/08/2001G-OBWSoperated the weekly London/Gatwick-Freetown service on behalf of Sierra National Airlines.
27/08/2001G-OBWSoperated the weekly London/Gatwick-Freetown service on behalf of Sierra National Airlines.
13/12/2001G-OBWSBritish World Airlines went into receivership.
00/12/2001G-OBWSarr Lasham.
14/12/2001G-OBWSferried Lasham-Shannon.
30/12/2001G-OBWSat Shannon in British World Airlines c/s; stored.
18/01/2002G-OBWSrgd to Tombo Aviation Netherlands B.V., Amsterdam.
01/05/2002G-OBWSr/o at Shannon in full MyTravel Airways c/s.
03/05/2002G-OBWSferried Shannon-Lasham.
10/05/2002G-OBWSferried Lasham-Manchester.
16/05/2002G-CCMYlt & rgd to MyTravel Airways Ltd.
30/10/2002G-CCMYat Manchester with very small "Daallo Airlines" sticker.
00/10/2003G-CCMYret Tombo Aviation Netherlands B.V.
26/10/2003G-CCMYferried Manchester-Lasham.
28/10/2003G-CCMYregistration cancelled.
29/10/2003XU-123ferried Lasham-Sharjah in basic MyTravel Airways c/s without titles.
00/10/2003XU-123lt Kampuchea Airlines.
30/10/2003XU-123at Bangkok in basic MyTravel Airways c/s without titles; operating a Kampuchea Airlines flight.
20/11/2003XU-123at Phnom Penh in basic MyTravel Airways c/s with "Kampuchea" titles on fuselage and "Angkor" titles on tail.
01/12/2003XU-123sub-lt Orient Thai Airlines in basic MyTravel Airways c/s without titles.
03/12/2003XU-123entered service in basic MyTravel Airways c/s with "One-Two-Go" titles and tail c/s.
05/08/2004XU-123last service: ?-Bangkok; ferried Bangkok-Guam-Honolulu.
06/08/2004N549AXret Tombo Aviation; rgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; ferried Honolulu-Amarillo; for repaint.
16/08/2004N549AXferried Amarillo-Abbotsford.
00/09/2004N549AXlt Omni Air International.
30/11/2004N549AXat Frankfurt in full Omni Air International c/s.
23/10/2010N549AXat Jacksonville/VQQ in all white c/s.
12/11/2010N549AXbt Federal Express Corporation.
06/12/2010N549AXrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
24/05/2011N549AXferried Victorville-Anchorage-Sapporo-Singapore/Seletar as FDX9088 in all white c/s (arrived 27/05/2011); for conversion to freighter.
01/08/2011N939FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
29/08/2011N939FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
00/11/2011N939FDconversion to freighter completed at Singapore/Seletar.
26/09/2015N939FDat Memphis; named "Camila".
Marcel van Noordenne

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