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Line number0249
Type23A W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4D20A7
00/00/1989VR-BLCAnsett Worldwide Aviation Services - not taken up.
24/08/1989HB-IHUroll out.
19/09/1989HB-IHUfirst flight.
01/10/1989HB-IHUat Boeing Field in all white c/s without titles.
02/10/1989HB-IHUdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
02/10/1989HB-IHUbt Petrolair System SA.
00/11/1989HB-IEEPetrolair System SA; re-rgd.
14/06/1996HB-IEEmade an emergency landing at Bangor with No. 1 engine problem, en route from Portland to Zurich with George Bush and Colin Powell on board.
15/01/1997HB-IEEcompany renamded Privatair.
13/07/1997HB-IEEarr Southend; for repaint.
26/07/1997HB-IEEr/o at Southend in new Privatair c/s with "Azerbaijan" titles on left side only; departed same day.
01/08/1997HB-IEEarr Southend; for removal of titles.
09/08/1997HB-IEEat Geneva without titles.
14/04/1998HB-IEEchartered to Portuguese Government until 23/04/1998 for a State visit to Macau and China; Portuguese flags were applied beside cabin doors.
16/04/1998HB-IEEflew Lisbon-Macau as TAP9043.
20/02/2000HB-IEElt Royal Air Force; ferried Geneva-Lynham; Privatair tail logo covered and a small Union Jack flag applied on top of tail and near forward door.
01/03/2000HB-IEEret Privatair.
28/12/2000HB-IEEbt Tierralta Holdings Corporation, Geneva, Switzerland; opb Privatair on lease.
17/10/2007HB-IEEat Geneva with blended winglets (installed after 22/07/2007).
09/07/2011HB-IEEarr Norwich; for repaint.
17/07/2011HB-IEEferried Norwich-Geneva in new c/s.
31/01/2013HB-IEEferried Geneva-Manston; for storage - aircraft is for sale.
10/03/2013HB-IEEferried Manston-Geneva.
15/03/2013HB-IEEferried Geneva-Hahn; for storage.
22/10/20139H-AVMat Hahn in privatair c/s; for JetMagic.
17/02/20149H-AVMlt JetMagic; ferried Hahn-Luqa.
18/02/20149H-AVMat Luqa in basic Privatair c/s, only white stripe added on aft fuselage and on tail.
28/04/20149H-AVMferried Auch-Istanbul; after short term storage.
02/05/20149H-AVMferried Istanbul-Luqa.
00/00/00009H-AVMarr Auch; for storage.
04/04/20169H-AVMferried Auch-Lourdes-Montpellier; after storage.
21/10/20169H-AVMferried Montpellier-Nantes-Burbank-Ontario (arrived 25/10/2016) with 'Guns n Roses' stickers on fuselage and engine cowlings; in service: Ontario-Lima as JMK423 with Guns n Roses on South America Tour.
11/07/20179H-AVMat Berlin/SXF with large "U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017" titles on fuselage and "U2" titles and 'Joshua Tree' logo on tail (repainted after 27/06/2017).
29/12/20179H-AVMat Montpellier without U2 titles (removed after 14/10/2018).
10/08/20189H-AVMat Berlin/TXL with 'U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE" titles.
24/02/20199H-AVMat Zurich/ZRH in normal c/s again (U2 titles removed after 21/10/2019).
10/11/20199H-AVMat Brisbane/BNE with "U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2019" titles and logo on fuselage and logo only on tail (applied after 06/10/2019).
18/02/20229H-AVMferried Brussels/BRU-Chateauroux/CHR as JMK429; for maintenance.
10/03/20229H-AVMferried Chateauroux/CHR-Bangor/BGR-Burbank/BUR as JMK413.
09/10/20239H-AVMferried London/LTN-Kemble/GBA as JMK405; parked.
27/10/20239H-AVMferried Kemble/GBA-Zurich/ZRH-London/LTN-Lasham/QLA as JMK427; for storage.
Marcel van Noordenne

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