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Line number0235
Type26D F
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA34E4E
17/05/1989N5573Broll out.
14/06/1989N5573Bfirst flight.
29/08/1989B-2809del Shanghai Airlines.
00/03/2003B-2809bt International Lease Finance Corporation; opb Shanghai Airlines on lease.
00/02/2006B-2809to be converted to freighter by Precision Conversions at Everett.
02/02/2006B-2809at Honolulu in full Shanghai Airlines c/s; on ferry flight to U.S.A. as BOE2809.
27/05/2006B-2809at Honolulu after conversion to freighter; cargo door area unpainted.
30/06/2006B-2809at Xiamen in full Shanghai Airlines c/s with "Shanghai Airlines Cargo" titles.
01/06/2011B-2809Shanghai Airlines Cargo integrated into China Cargo Airlines.
17/08/2014B-2809at Hong Kong; still in Shanghai Airlines c/s with "Shanghai Airlines Cargo" titles.
25/05/20152-TBXErgd to Castle 2003-2E.
29/05/20152-TBXErgd to Raya Airways SDN BHD.
08/10/20152-TBXEregistration cancelled.
00/10/20159M-RYARaya Airways; re-rgd.
31/08/20209M-RYAlast service: ?-Kuala Lumpur/SZB as RMY____; parked at Kuala Lumpur/SZB.
20/01/2021N312ALrgd to Bank of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
03/02/2021N312ALferried Kuala Lumpur/SZB-Seoul/ICN-Anchorage/ANC-Marana/MZJ as JTN367 in Raya Airways c/s without titles; for storage.
22/07/2021N312ALat Marana/MZJ; missing both engines; stored.
17/12/2021N312ALferried Marana/MZJ-Tucson/TUS as JTN___,
21/12/2021N312ALferried Tucson/TUS-Orlando/SFB as JTN508.
21/10/2022N312ALat Orlando/SFB; missing both engines; stored.
14/03/2023N312ALat Orlando/SFB; missing both engines; stored.
01/02/2024N312ALat Orlando/SFB; missing both engines; stored.
Marcel van Noordenne

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