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Line number0227
Type2G5 F Combi
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAA21BF
ConfigurationFreighter (+ up to Y42)
04/04/1989D-AMUMroll out.
25/04/1989D-AMUMfirst flight.
05/05/1989D-AMUMdel LTU - Lufttransport Unternehmen.
05/05/1989D-AMUMlt LTU Sud.
00/02/1997D-AMUMat Hamburg; repainted in standard LTU c/s.
01/11/1997D-AMUMcompany merged into LTU International.
24/12/1999D-AMUMbt UniCapital Group; opb LTU International on lease.
00/00/2002D-AMUMret UniCapital Group.
09/06/2002D-AMUMarr Hamburg; for repaint.
17/06/2002D-AMUMferried Hamburg-Munich in all white c/s without titles.
26/06/2002D-AMUMat Munich in all white c/s without titles; stored.
30/07/2002D-AMUMat Munich in all white c/s without titles; stored
14/01/2003D-AMUMregistration cancelled.
14/01/2003SX-BVMlt Electra Airlines (from LCP LTU LLC) in all white c/s without titles; ferried Munich-Tanagra.
28/03/2003SX-BVMsub-lt Air Scotland in basic Air Scotland c/s.
03/04/2003SX-BVMat Glasgow in full Air Scotland c/s; named "Caledonia"; opb Electra Airlines.
25/04/2003SX-BVMimpounded at Edinburgh.
20/06/2003SX-BVMAir Operators Certificate of Electra Airlines revoked by Greek CAA.
08/08/2003SX-BVMferried Edinburgh-Lasham in full Air Scotland c/s; for storage.
23/09/2003N451GXrgd to East Trust Sub 2, Wilmington, DE.
24/10/2003N451GXferried Lasham-Shannon-Miami in full Air Scotland c/s.
19/11/2003N451GXat Miami in full Aero Continente c/s.
00/11/2003OB-1788-Plt Aero Continente.
10/04/2004OB-1788-Pat Lima; parked.
16/09/2004N151GXrgd to Wilmington Trust Company, Wilmington, DE.
22/09/2004N151GXferried San Salvador-Tucson.
23/09/2004N151GXferried Tucson-Marana; for maintenance and refurbishment.
09/10/2004N151GXat Marana in Aero Continente c/s; stored.
25/01/2005N151GXperformed air tests at Marana; ferried Marana-Wichita.
16/02/2005N151GXferried Wichita-Rockford.
00/00/2005N151GXlt Ryan International/Starship 1 Airlines (from GATX).
29/04/2005N151GXat Frankfurt in basic Rubloff c/s, Rubloff tail logo, "Sunship 1" titles and "Ryan" titles on engine cowlings.
31/08/2005N151GXat Frankfurt in basic Rubloff c/s, Rubloff tail logo, "Ryan" titles and "Ryan" titles on engine cowlings.
03/10/2005N151GXat Chicago/Rockford in basic Rubloff c/s, Rubloff tail logo and blue "Ryan" titles on right side only (applied after 12/06/2005).
00/00/2009N151GXret to lessor.
23/05/2009N151GXat Victorville in basic Rubloff c/s; stored (arrived after 24/04/2009).
19/02/2010N151GXat Victorville in basic Rubloff c/s; stored.
18/05/2010N151GXbt National Air Cargo Group Inc.
27/05/2010N151GXferried Victorville-Dothan; for conversion to freighter.
08/06/2010N151GXrgd to National Air Cargo Group Inc., Ypsilanti, MI.
30/12/2010N151GXbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; opb National Air Cargo Group on lease.
11/02/2011N151GXlt National Airlines.
06/05/2011N459CAregistration reserved by Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; not taken up.
18/05/2012N151GXferried Dothan-Oscoda/Wurtsmith AFB; after conversion to combi freighter.
31/12/2012N151GXbt Cargo Aircraft Management Inc.
04/01/2013N151GXferried Oscoda/Wurtsmith AFB-Wilmington Air Park (OH).
11/01/2013N151GXrgd to Cargo Aircraft Management Inc., Orlando, FL.
13/02/2013N752CXregistration reserved.
13/02/2013N151GXferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Wilmington Air Park (OH); for repaint.
12/03/2013N752CXferried Greenville (MS)-Wilminton Air Park in full Air Transport International c/s.
00/03/2013N752CXlt ATI - Air Transport International.
14/03/2013N752CXofficial re-rgd date.
Marcel van Noordenne

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